Week ending Sunday 2008/04/06

Wednesday 10:08 · Heading outta Chicago. I like Chicago, they're not afraid to be square. Architecturally I mean. [Original.]

Wednesday 12:47 · At the airport, woman across from me called someone, when they picked up she said "Hi, I'm bored." Refreshing honesty. [Original.]

Wednesday 12:51 · Thought experiment... think of the name of something/someone/someplace, put @ in front of it, ask your self "Should that exist"? [Original.]

Wednesday 19:44 · Hmm - 1,000 followers. And I still have no idea what Twitter *means*. [Original.]

Wednesday 23:06 · On Twitter: www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/200x/2008/04/02/One-Thousand-Followers [Original.]

Thursday 12:18 · Wasted best part of an hour getting an Apachecon submission to submit. Is it perhaps a bit ironic that Apache's server seems b0rked? [Original.]

Thursday 13:32 · blog traffic ~220G/month these days... that's insane, something's wrong. [Original.]

Thursday 13:50 · DHH on PHP: www.loudthinking.com/posts/23-the-immediacy-of-php [Original.]

Thursday 14:02 · Reading mooseyard.com/Jens/2008/04/on-first-installing-adobes-photoshop-elements-6/ it occurs to me that while I'd been thinking it'd be nice to have Elements back, maybe Lightroom is all you need? [Original.]

Thursday 19:40 · Fooling with the XO laptop. DIsplay has switched into upside-down mode and won't switch back. Hmmm [Original.]

Thursday 21:19 · Time Machine Backup: Backing up 1,499,381 items. 513.2 MB of 106.04 GB. [Original.]

Friday 9:42 · The Apple bluetooth mouse is round, smooth, & wireless: easy to drop on the floor. After you do this a few times, it doesn't work any more. [Original.]

Friday 10:36 · Blackbook FTW:
~> uptime
10:35 up 35 days, 3:19, 3 users, load averages: 0.64 0.41 0.30 [Original.]

Friday 16:10 · Lazyweb: Could *really* use advice from someone who understands Blogger. Have broken a friend's blog in an effort to help. [Original.]

Friday 16:14 · Blogger pub-via-ftp silently failing and refusing to show log... ARGH [Original.]

Friday 21:15 · Requesting votes on whether or not I should hack my new Mac. With a hacksaw, I mean: www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/200x/2008/04/04/Hack-the-Mac [Original.]

Saturday 12:47 · Wow, only five games into the baseball season and nobody's undefeated. [Original.]

Saturday 12:59 · @avibryant - Mutton for dinner! [Original, responding to @avibryant.]

Saturday 19:47 · @duncan - is there conventional wisdom on how to keep your LR collections in sync between desktop & portable? I'm sure I saw a write-up... [Original, responding to @duncan.]

Saturday 22:09 · Trying to sync Lightroom between two macs using rsync... What could go wrong? [Original.]

Sunday 1:13 · rsync + Lightroom + DVT + ping-pong: www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/200x/2008/04/05/Lightroom-sync-with-rsync [Original.]

Sunday 13:56 · Feeling insufficiently radical. And irritatingly unsurprised by technology over the last year or so. [Original.]

Sunday 21:27 · Truly great app: Keyboard Cleaner. jan.prima.de/~jan/plok/archives/48-Keyboard-Cleaner.html [Original.]

Sunday 21:27 · All my computers end up looking like Willie Nelson's guitar. [Original.]

Sunday 21:28 · al3xbrown - that's nauseating [Original.]

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