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Patricia in Chicago · I had busi­ness in Chica­go ear­ly last week, and man­aged to spend a mu­si­cal evening with Pa­tri­cia Bar­ber; this is not hard to ar­range there, and I rec­om­mend it ...
Short-form Fragments · Week end­ing Sun­day 2008/04/06 ...
USB and Atom · The last lit­tle while, I’ve been do­ing a lot of in­fras­truc­ture shift­ing, and I’ve re­al­ized that in the world of com­put­er­s, USB is maybe the great­est stan­dard ev­er. I’ve heard ker­nel en­gi­neers sneer­ing and scoff­in­g, but here’s the high­est com­pli­ment I can pay, speak­ing as a fair­ly hard-core com­put­er tech type: I have no idea how USB work­s, and I don’t think I’ll ev­er have to learn. If the plug fits in­to the sock­et, what­ev­er I’m plug­ging in will do what­ev­er I’m ex­pect­ing it to do. I think syn­di­ca­tion ought to be like that, which is why Eric Gar­ri­do (via Bill de hÓra) is right: please stop an­nounc­ing mul­ti­ple syndication-file ver­sion­s, be­cause no­body cares. Pick one and run with it. I’d say pick one that’s stan­dard­ized and sta­ble and de­bugged and mod­ern, but what­ev­er.
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