Week ending Sunday 2008/02/17

Monday 1:05 · More than just a little funny: www.vimeo.com/77426 [Original.]

Monday 1:08 · Free icons! www.famfamfam.com/lab/icons/silk/previews/index_abc.png [Original.]

Monday 9:41 · @JulieLeung - it would really good to have you back. [Original, responding to @JulieLeung.]

Monday 14:09 · @pkedrosky - Mmmm, the warm glow of Rogers hate. [Original, responding to @pkedrosky.]

Monday 14:24 · All you guys are so brave, installing major OS updates the moment they're posted. [Original.]

Monday 15:01 · @chuq - Apple hates you [Original, responding to @chuq.]

Monday 15:24 · Ah, Pentax lens culture: pdml.net/pipermail/pdml_pdml.net/2008-February/subject.html (also www.digital.pentax.co.jp/en/lens/roadmap.pdf [PDF]) [Original.]

Monday 16:25 · @matthewi - yer WAY out on a limb. You might want to publish the back of that envelope and see what people say. [Original.]

Monday 16:36 · @lowbit - Pentax doesn't have a camera with a 35mm sensor. The much-ballyhooed new K20D uses typical digicam 23.4 mm x 15.6 mm. [Original, responding to @lowbit.]

Monday 17:23 · For my sins, plowing through OOXML Dispositions of Comments. [Original.]

Monday 17:42 · @lowbig - ah, the macro. Also consider the 40mm pancake, unbelievably small & light. [Original.]

Monday 17:45 · @lowbit - ah, the macro. Also consider the 40mm pancake, unbelievably small & light. Oops, first was to "@lowbig" [Original, responding to @lowbit.]

Monday 22:37 · Holy crap... Aquamacs has a Mac-style "open recent" menu, and it works. Mac crack + Emacs smack = high on life. [Original.]

Monday 23:16 · 10.5.2 upgrade no prob. WiFi flakiness gone. See no other differences. [Original.]

Monday 23:48 · Leopard Graphics Update? [Original.]

Monday 23:49 · @lrz: To discover good American beers, go up to Portland, Oregon, for a weekend. [Original, responding to @lrz.]

Tuesday 0:28 · rubyfringe.com/ - isn't $650 a little steep for a small regional ruby conf? [Original.]

Tuesday 9:06 · I note that those who like to say "Internet OS" or "Web OS" have typically never dealt directly with an OS. [Original.]

Tuesday 9:25 · Hmm, seems we bought VirtualBox (see www.techthrob.com/tech/linux_virtualization.php) [Original.]

Tuesday 10:00 · Tripit might be great, but it can't handle email from either of the places I usually book travel. [Original.]

Tuesday 12:46 · Twitter "Follow" version doesn't seem to work on Camino. Hmmm. [Original.]

Tuesday 14:06 · Booting Nexenta on VirtualBox [Original.]

Tuesday 14:27 · Correction: *Failing* to boot Nexenta on VirtualBox on OS X. Sigh. [Original.]

Tuesday 15:02 · LazyWeb: Best OS X BitTorrent client? [Original.]

Tuesday 15:20 · LazyWeb says, by an overwhelming margin: Transmission. Thank you, LazyWeb. [Original.]

Tuesday 15:22 · @duncan - I assume you'll be writing about Aperture? [Original, responding to @duncan.]

Tuesday 17:42 · @halostatue - try the NetBeans ruby-only package. Seriously. [Original, responding to @halostatue.]

Tuesday 20:22 · Installing Nexenta on VirtualBox again; after increasing disk/mem, it works. [Original.]

Tuesday 20:29 · @metadaddy - already got it. I'll try both. Nexenta booted but is stuck in text-console mode, sigh. [Original, responding to @metadaddy.]

Wednesday 0:27 · Ah, just filed my first Indiana DP2 bug. Network problem on OS X + VirtualBox + Preview 2, maybe a little unfair. I'm ruthless. [Original.]

Wednesday 9:59 · "In the spring a young man’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love". Sex actiually. And middle-aged men too. Dunno about the women. [Original.]

Wednesday 10:22 · @gruber is right about Flash & iPhone, thank goodness: daringfireball.net/2008/02/flash_iphone_calculus [Original, responding to @gruber.]

Wednesday 11:38 · @chadfowler - does Joe have flowing white locks and the aspect of a Biblical prophet? [Original, responding to @chadfowler.]

Wednesday 12:53 · UPS says my new camera's in town but delayed by "Adverse weather conditions". I'm looking out the window at blue sky & sunshine. [Original.]

Wednesday 13:28 · @ftrain - Wouldn't an extern be better? [Original, responding to @ftrain.]

Wednesday 13:38 · Hah! Have Indy running under VirtualBox under OS X [Original.]

Wednesday 13:58 · @DirtyF: Why not. Macs are what many developers use. [Original, responding to @DirtyF.]

Wednesday 14:29 · Oooh, my Ricoh GX-100 is in. Must... focus... on... work... [Original.]

Wednesday 21:23 · Lauren reports that the Vancouver-Seattle Amtrak service is very pleasant. [Original.]

Wednesday 22:11 · urgh. GMail lockup. [Original.]

Wednesday 23:01 · Looking at my first GX-100 shots. Have never dealt with RAW+JPEG before in Lightroom. Much to learn. [Original.]

Thursday 9:58 · OH: "The Java people have severe closure envy." [Original.]

Thursday 10:48 · @ndw Why? [Original, responding to @ndw.]

Thursday 12:08 · Jeepers, input flow today is outta control. Haven't managed to break out of email/chat/phone since I sat down early. [Original.]

Thursday 12:17 · Web-Centric VRM. With Atom. docs.google.com/View?docid=df9dfsgj_1ghhqgjfq [Original.]

Thursday 13:43 · You couldn't make this shit up: BPEL4People: www.oasis-open.org/news/oasis-news-2008-02-14.php [Original.]

Thursday 16:26 · Lauren and I are doing that with Twin Peaks. We bought the 25-show DVD set and are working through it. Most of it holds up pretty well. [Original.]

Thursday 21:13 · 4-day single-Dad stretch while Lauren hangs with the knitting posse: www.madronafiberarts.com/ [Original.]

Thursday 21:32 · On my MacBook I'm getting weeks of uptime lately. I would have said that Leopard as updated is among the stabler of OS X versions. [Original.]

Friday 0:17 · New camera, cute cat & flowers: www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/200x/2008/02/14/Ricoh-GX100 [Original.]

Friday 10:02 · Watch your cuteness meter overload and explode: andrewsullivan.theatlantic.com/the_daily_dish/2008/02/mental-health-4.html [Original.]

Friday 10:35 · "Hormel profit helped by Spam sales" - had to cut & paste that headline *somewhere*: www.reuters.com/article/businessNews/idUSN1554415520080215?feedType=RSS&feedName=businessNews [Original.]

Friday 11:14 · @zakgreant - where do you get good shawarma here? [Original.]

Friday 11:48 · Best shawarma I ever had was in Amman, Jordan. It just doesn't taste the same in the New World. [Original.]

Friday 12:24 · r->connection->server->process, ofcourse [Original.]

Friday 12:40 · @emilsit - reading that is making me ravenous. Breaking for lunch. [Original, responding to @emilsit.]

Friday 13:50 · Urgh... NetBeans 6.1m1 did *not* make me happy. Let's try today's snapshot... [Original.]

Friday 16:20 · @gruber - well, you know, they are *built* in China. A little tap on the side of the pipe, upstream... [Original, responding to @gruber.]

Saturday 14:04 · My son's soccer team finally beat the dreaded ICSF, after 2 years of futility, a tight 3-2 win. Joy all around. I have to tell *somebody*. [Original.]

Saturday 19:40 · Roy Fielding has a blog: roy.gbiv.com/untangled/ [Original.]

Saturday 21:06 · Using iChat a bit, was all-Adium. Everyone is on AIM or Jabber these days, who needs Y! or MSN? Plus sending screenshots & files is nice. [Original.]

Saturday 21:40 · Gosh, those hockey players got up on the wrong side of bed. [Original.]

Saturday 21:47 · Can they stop the hockey game already? [Original.]

Sunday 0:45 · You know, when you import a few dozen 5782x3946 slide scans, Lightroom kinda gets a nauseous sensation. [Original.]

Sunday 12:52 · Beautiful and stimulating visual art every day: www.linesandcolors.com/ [Original.]

Sunday 12:54 · Bleeding from the brain: www.snellspace.com/wp/?p=895 [Original.]

Sunday 14:06 · Java closures poll: java.net/pub/pq/196 - say your piece. [Original.]

Sunday 14:51 · Welcome Kosovo. What's the digraph? [Original.]

Sunday 15:01 · The .ks TLD is available. [Original.]

Sunday 20:54 · @twleung - yeah... but some truly great apps are built in it. Go figure. [Original, responding to @twleung.]

Sunday 21:17 · @duncan - the food court at the end of the walkway in the United terminal is not bad [Original, responding to @duncan.]

Sunday 21:31 · I think this seriously weird. Check the first entry in a google search for yak shaving [Original.]

Sunday 21:40 · @bmanley I honestly didn't know the idiom [Original, responding to @bmanley.]

Sunday 22:06 · @samerfarha - Aha, that's it, I'm sure. The deletionists got it, but the pointers survive. [Original, responding to @samerfarha.]

Sunday 22:07 · @chuq - I'd respin that as "few people do". But my experience may be unusual. [Original, responding to @chuq.]

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