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Clink · It was late, everyone else long asleep. I was walking between the dining table and the kitchen counter (not a very wide space) when, from the counter-top, I heard a soft little discrete clinking sound, some electronic device wanting attention. It would not be surprising for such a thing to be found on our kitchen counter, but I didn’t recognize the sound. It would be a little more surprising, but not very, if the device on the counter were unknown to me. So I turned back and around where I could see the counter, which was only moderately cluttered, and spotted no electronics at all aside from a couple of battery chargers. They multiply like bunny rabbits when you’re not looking, producing slightly variant hybrids that don’t work with whatever needs charging next; then the original wanders away. But I digress. I was puzzled but decided to let it pass, and returned to my original errand. Soft discrete clink. I looked again: cookie jar, bottle of wine, butter, chargers, extension cord draped over the back of the counter, toaster. Well, whatever. Turn around, step, clink. Wait a second, there’s a pattern. I was brushing the cord and its end was swinging against the wine bottle. It sounded amazingly like a friendly alert envisioned and sculptured by a spiky-haired User Experience engineer in Shibuya. Real imitating fake, there you go.
F.C.o.t.Y · “First Crocus of the Year”, I mean to say. For me it’s a major transition when, after the months of grey, our garden starts to have some colour in it. Not the best crocus photo ever, and probably not the best crocuses either. But they’re important to me ...
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Hey, Kosovo! · In principle, when a substantial group of people want to have their own country, trying to stop them is expensive, bloody, and futile. So, good on ya, Kosovo. Hmm, the government seems to be online at ks-gov.net, which suggests they’d like to have .ks for their top-level-domain. It’s available.
Linux Aggro · This is getting a little weird. Twice in the last couple of years, Linus Torvalds has gone out of his way to diss Solaris, the OS technology and Sun corporately. Now, anyone who’s spent time on a mailing list with Linus knows that his opinions are sharp-edged and rarely withheld. But now we have a pure attack piece from Amanda McPherson, identified as “the marketing director of the Linux Foundation” ...
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