Yes, I’ve been posting fewer substantive original pieces here. Working on a couple of things that aren’t very public, and also feeling itchy because what was radical three years ago has become conventional wisdom, which leaves me feeling empty and in need of something radical. Today an amusing antique camera, Iranian video, where we went, nine days of winter, and what happens when everything’s free?

Baldini · I publish quite a few slide scans here. The other day, I remembered a word: “Baldini”, which was what Dad called the camera he had before he got into serious Pentaxing in the mid-Sixties. So I looked it up, and here it is: the Balda Baldini. I remember inheriting it and using it for a few shots myself. That was the camera that produced these.

As Quiet as Prayer · The title is When Art Becomes Work, by Masood Mortazavi. It’s video from a printed-fabric workshop in Iran.

Raumzeitgeist · Dopplr’s take on Where We Went Last Year. Mmmm, pretty.

Nine Days of Winter · Some seasonal lore from China, in Melanie Parsons Gao’s Cold Enough for You?. With poetry, calligraphy, and crayons.

Free! · I suppose almost everyone’s seen this now, it’s still worth linking to for those who haven’t. Kevin Kelly’s Better Than Free says, among other things, “When copies are free, you need to sell things which can not be copied.” Then it asks what those things are, and lists a few.

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