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Bad PR · We have the 2010 Win­ter Olympics com­ing. This is a big-bucks big-politics big-business op­er­a­tion, half the city’s be­ing ripped apart, and thus very news­wor­thy. To­day we learned that the Or­ga­niz­ing Committee’s CFO had quit af­ter 18 months on the job. I sub­scribe to the Van­cou­ver2010 RSS feed, and thus saw the press re­lease ...
devChix · Check out de­vChix. Since I am giv­en both to pub­lic lamen­ta­tion about single-gender geek cul­ture and ob­ses­sive in­ter­est in dy­nam­ic lan­guages, I am pret­ty much ex­act­ly their tar­get au­di­ence (a­side from be­ing, well, male, but let’s not quib­ble). There is cur­rent­ly much ado around the bl­o­go­sphere over Let’s All Evolve Past This: The Bar­ri­ers Women Face in Tech Com­mu­ni­ties. I had some fair­ly strong re­ac­tions to the piece, but I think I’ll sit on them for now; it’s weighty, ad­dress­es a sub­ject that mat­ter­s, and de­serves not on­ly read­ing, but some care­ful con­sid­er­a­tion. Oh, and if you Just Don’t Care about this whole missing-women thing, vis­it de­vChix any­how and read RUBY: DRY up your Enu­mer­a­tions. Good stuff.
Trouble for Atom · Yep, ladies and gen­tle­men, it looks like there’s trou­ble on the hori­zon. On the RFC4287 syndication-format fron­t, it may have been sta­ble since 2005 and wide­ly de­ployed, but watch out, there’s a new ver­sion of RSS 2.0! (2.0.9, to be pre­cise). RSS 2.0 is sort of RFC4287’s main com­pe­ti­tion, and if there are two dif­fer­ent spec­s, I guess that must mean it’s twice as good. On the Atom-Protocol side, Google’s John Panz­er has made a shock­ing dis­cov­ery, and I quote: “There seems to be a com­plaint that out­side of the tiny cor­ner of the Web com­prised of web pages, news sto­ries, ar­ti­cles, blog post­s, com­ments, lists of links, pod­cast­s, on­line pho­to al­bum­s, video al­bum­s, di­rec­to­ry list­ings, search re­sult­s, ... Atom doesn't match some da­ta models.” Wel­l, it was fun while it last­ed.
Ruby News · And is there ev­er a lot of it. I was go­ing to break this in­to a hand­ful of tar­get­ed snip­pet­s, but any­one who cares about the lan­guage would read ’em all any­how. Thus, an il­lus­trat­ed tour through Tokyo con­fer­ences, JRu­by 1.0, Re­fac­tor­ing, and M17n ...
東京 II: Eating · Among all the as­tound­ing things about Toky­o, for me the sin­gle most as­tound­ing is the food busi­ness. The num­ber of restau­rants and cafés and lunch coun­ters and bak­eries and bars and street ven­dors beg­gars de­scrip­tion. In my ex­pe­ri­ence, most of them are good ...
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