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Cheap Iron · What happened was, very shortly before last month’s Startup Camp, they started cooking up this idea of selling Sun gear really cheap to startups. Someone asked “Can we announce it in conjunction with that camp?” and the answer was “Well, uh...”, so we did. So, we all of a sudden had a bunch of people wanting in, and our lawyers told us “You have to exercise due diligence to make sure they really are real startups” and someone had to cook up a process out of nowhere double-quick. It seems to be working; yesterday Adam Kalsey got approved and dumped the numbers. I saw it and thought “Hah, gotta blog that” but Jonathan beat me to it; damn he’s quick. Check those numbers; I’m no expert in our pricing but a couple that jump off the screen at me are the big Ultra 20 and the Thumper (X4500). How can this not be a good idea?
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Kedrosky · I suspect that anyone who likes ongoing and isn’t already reading Paul Kedrosky’s Infectious Greed ought to start. He’s really got a gift for the medium; it’s a rare day when he doesn’t run something that makes me want to write. Here are a few samples from this month: The New Venture Rules, Part XXIV: Get Big Cheap, Supreme Court Today on Patent Obviousness, and Comparing Reach Across Mobile and PC for Popular Sites. [Disclosure: Paul and I are both investors in Dabble DB.]
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