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Cheap Iron · What hap­pened was, very short­ly be­fore last month’s Start­up Camp, they start­ed cook­ing up this idea of sell­ing Sun gear re­al­ly cheap to star­tups. Some­one asked “Can we an­nounce it in con­junc­tion with that camp?” and the an­swer was “Well, uh...”, so we did. So, we all of a sud­den had a bunch of peo­ple want­ing in, and our lawyers told us “You have to ex­er­cise due dili­gence to make sure they re­al­ly are re­al startups” and some­one had to cook up a pro­cess out of nowhere double-quick. It seems to be work­ing; yes­ter­day Adam Kalsey got ap­proved and dumped the num­bers. I saw it and thought “Hah, got­ta blog that” but Jonathan beat me to it; damn he’s quick. Check those num­ber­s; I’m no ex­pert in our pric­ing but a cou­ple that jump off the screen at me are the big Ul­tra 20 and the Thumper (X4500). How can this not be a good idea?
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Kedrosky · I sus­pect that any­one who likes on­go­ing and isn’t al­ready read­ing Paul Kedrosky’s In­fec­tious Greed ought to start. He’s re­al­ly got a gift for the medi­um; it’s a rare day when he doesn’t run some­thing that makes me want to write. Here are a few sam­ples from this mon­th: The New Ven­ture Rules, Part XXIV: Get Big Cheap, Supreme Court To­day on Pa­tent Ob­vi­ous­ness, and Com­par­ing Reach Across Mo­bile and PC for Pop­u­lar Sites. [Dis­clo­sure: Paul and I are both in­vestors in Dab­ble DB.]
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