I’m here at Startup Camp, which is a blast and I’ll write about it. But I just heard that we’ve gone public with the Sun Startup Essentials program. That page is a little marketing-heavy but I can squeeze it into a sentence: If your company is in the US, is less than four years old, has 150 employees or less, and you’re willing to run Solaris, you can get deep, scary-deep, discounts on our hardware. Check it out. Hmph, they don’t say what the discounts are, you have to join up and log in to see them. Also, it’s a bug that this only applies in the U.S., I assume we’ll fix that. But still, this seems like A Good Thing. [Update: They removed the Solaris requirement.]


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From: Michael Hart (Nov 02 2006, at 17:57)

I'm very interested in this program. Unfortunately I live in Canada. Please rectify this oversight! This program could easily make or break the decision to buy Sun or go a Linux route for our production systems.


From: Ola Bini (Nov 02 2006, at 23:14)

Yeah, this program sounds really nice for me too. But my company is in Sweden... =)


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