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Google Analytics · Here­with a re­port on a fairly-typical week of Google An­a­lyt­ics num­ber­s. I was go­ing to work this in­to the reg­u­lar week­ly statis­tics re­port, but I’m not at all sure I’m go­ing to go on run­ning an­a­lyt­ic­s, so as a sep­a­rate post this will re­main avail­able ei­ther way. [Up­date on screen sizes.] ...
Ils sont fous ces Français! · Trans­lat­ing from Goscin­ny/Uder­zo to Hunter S. Thomp­son: there’s bad crazi­ness go­ing on over in France. Ap­par­ent­ly, there’s a move afoot to ban Free Soft­ware, and I can on­ly think “Never as­cribe to mal­ice that which can be ex­plained by incompetence”. Mal­ice or in­com­pe­tence aside, in the un­like­ly event that this sil­ly thing pass­es, it could hard­ly be en­forced with­out build­ing a cyber-police-state of an ef­fi­cien­cy and com­pre­hen­sive­ness be­yond the wildest dreams of the Bei­jing regime. If any of my read­ers are French cit­i­zen­s, you might want to call your lo­cal politician’s of­fice or write a let­ter to your lo­cal ed­i­tor or what­ev­er. Here’s some more from Hen­ry Sto­ry, with French-language links. [Up­date: Gilles Gravier writes: “It’s not all free soft­ware that they are try­ing to ban... Just soft­ware that en­ables dis­tri­bu­tion of copy­right­ed ma­te­ri­al which is not equiped with means of trac­ing who shares what with whom... Ob­vi­ous­ly, open-source soft­ware makes it easy to re­move such trac­ing mean­s, so is a no-no for SACEM (who are des­per­ate­ly try­ing to keep alive an old mod­el for mak­ing mon­ey over artists in­stead of try­ing to turn to the fu­ture and find new adapt­ed ways).” And now I see that he’s writ­ten more on the sub­ject.]
Pix You Like · The idea of the lit­tle pic­ture on the right side of the screen, aside from the fact that it pleas­es my eye, is that it’s sup­posed to tempt you in­to wan­der­ing in­to the back rooms here at on­go­ing. So, does it work? Not very well; there’ve been twenty-five thou­sand or so such vis­its since on­go­ing launched in 2003. It’s even­ly dis­tribut­ed; the top ar­ti­cle so vis­it­ed got 476 and the tenth most pop­u­lar 284. The ten on­go­ing frag­ments most vis­it­ed via the lit­tle pic­ture are What Ja­pan Looks Like, Cal­i­for­nia Wed­ding, Lustre-Lustrous, Javapo­lis Jet-lag, Warm Wind Off the Ocean, Dy­nam­ic Ja­va, The Is­land Rose Trip: Day Two, Foo Camp 2004, More Pa­tent Fun­nies, and Genx Sta­tus. Un­sur­pris­ing­ly, most of them have lots of pic­tures, ex­cept for the last, which has on­ly one.
Buying Search Traffic · On im­pulse, I just twid­dled the on­go­ing soft­ware on my stag­ing serv­er so that when you do a search in the lit­tle box up at the top, it goes to Ya­hoo not Google. I ran a bunch of search­es, and in terms of re­sult qual­i­ty, there was noth­ing to choose from be­tween them. Ya­hoo seemed a lit­tle fresh­er; on this Sun­day it had Friday’s en­tries pret­ty well in­dexed, while Google was on­ly half there; they’re both OK for Thurs­day. So, at this mo­ment in time, my search box, and a zil­lion oth­ers like it, are point­ing to Google just be­cause that’s the way we set it up, and it’s ac­tu­al re­al work to go chang­ing pro­duc­tion sys­tem­s, and the com­pe­ti­tion so far isn’t sig­nif­i­cant­ly bet­ter. I have no idea what the pro­por­tion of search com­ing through this kind of thing is, as com­pared to the vol­ume go­ing through the search-engine home pages. I bet that if you count the tool­bars on the browser­s, it’s get­ting up there. Via Google’s AdSense For Search, you can al­ready get paid for send­ing search­es to Google. I won’t use it, though, be­cause if I read the terms and con­di­tions cor­rect­ly, you have to in­clude a Google lo­go. Screw that; I like my min­i­mal­ist lit­tle search box, and no­body but me and my em­ploy­er get any brand­ing here. I’m sure Ya­hoo has a com­pet­i­tive of­fer­ing, but I haven’t tracked it down. I’ll tell you one thing for sure though; if the search en­gines re­tain their quality-of-service par­i­ty, pret­ty soon the traf­fic will be dealt out to­tal­ly based on who’s will­ing to pay the most for it. Where can I buy shares in Fire­fox?
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