Back in Vancouver, thank goodness, and I’m not complaining about the moist grey weather. Last week to Brussels to meet the European Commission, then back to Vancouver to pick up the tent and head to Foo to meet with, well, everybody, then to the Valley to put on my corporate hat for multiple sessions around Open-Source and blogging and syndication. Lots of people spend their whole lives in meetings; I’m not strong enough, but still, a good week. Herewith a few words and a picture.

DaveJ · Dave Johnson started Monday, and started fast. There were two separate meetings around what we needed to do technology-wise. Then of course Tuesday morning Jonathan’s Niagara pix got slashdotted and Dave got a phone call at 7:30AM in his hotel room when got shaky (actually it turned out to be a misconfigured webserver, not Roller).

Then at our bloggers’ community meeting on Wednesday, we had Gosling and Schwartz in the room; hey Dave, it’s not always gonna be like that, OK? On the downside, there are already four David Johnsons working here, so heaven knows what kind of lame official email address he’ll get. But Sun has a nice first-come-first-served aliasing system, so he might manage to grab roller@ or some such.

Doc · The Sun Open Source Community meeting was a winner if only because it got a lot of the right people in the room and talking to each other. I got to meet quite a few people and had a damn nice dinner geeking out with Bart Smaalders (hey, he blogs too).

Best of all, I got to hear Doc Searls, whom I’ve known for a while, do a formal stand-up presentation, and take it from me, he’s hot stuff, go check him out any time you get a chance.

Sun Open Source community meeting

Finally, the meeting was in Sun’s Santa Clara auditorium, always a nice room to be in; above you see Johnny Loiacono, our EVP of software, holding forth.

Meet More! · Got back to Vancouver late last night, had a pitch from SchemaLogic in the morning and gave a speech to the local CIPS chapter this evening, and will be entertaining JustSystem tomorrow. The weekend can’t come fast enough.

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September 16, 2004
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