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Z/1 Unaweep · So, I bought this new pair of sandals and they’re just so great I had to pass the word along ...
Socks and Sandals · I have been informed, multiple times, that sandals over socks are a revolting and unforgivable fashion sin. The word has come in grooming-advice columns and in conversation. In every case it has come from a woman — in a couple of cases a woman with whom I was intimate. There are apparently no exceptions to this rule ...
Western Wear · I’ve always had a weakness for cowboy fashion, and when we visit Saskatchewan, we always drop by the big Cowtown store in Regina to do our bit for the Prairie economy, not that it needs it what with grains and potash and petroleum all booming ...
Seasons Change · Vancouver has all four. Less intense perhaps than other parts of Canada where the snow extends into April and spring is life after death; here it’s life after boredom. It’s a fashionable town, our changes are mostly what we wear ...
Tab Sweep — The World · Today we have chipmunks and hats and earnings and a novel ...
Cashless? · Summer is distinctly here and I took a side-trip on a coffee expedition to the sunglasses emporium; the sharp-dressed young woman explained that the inexpensive sunglasses were on this side, the designer models on other. But then she wouldn't take my money ...
On Hats · I usually wear a hat when outdoors, as a fashion statement and on the advice of my physician, who says that bald white guys either wear hats outside or are wearing a cancer farm on top of their head. Herewith a recommendation for a good line of hats and some remarks on making them ...
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