Summer is distinctly here and I took a side-trip on a coffee expedition to the sunglasses emporium; the sharp-dressed young woman explained that the inexpensive sunglasses were on this side, the designer models on other. But then she wouldn't take my money.

Of course, I went to the cheap side, for a couple of reasons. First, I systematically lose sunglasses and thus expensive ones have lousy return on investment. Second, cheap sunglasses are, on a deep level, more fashionable, as best explained here (that link only works for Mac users with iTunes 4, the virtuous-like-porridge XML version is here).

Anyhow, I got a pair of drop-dead cool (if I say so myself) “Me Myself & Fly” shades from Black Flys, who have a pretty neat web site.

These things, with tax, came to $22.13 or some amount like that, I had no change and when I gave her two twenties she started scrambling through her wallet and it was obvious that the $17.83 change was going to be a big problem. I offered a debit card instead and she thanked me effusively.

This hasn't happened to me before, I wonder how long before there will be establishments with “no cash” signs?

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April 30, 2003
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