Vancouver has all four. Less intense perhaps than other parts of Canada where the snow extends into April and spring is life after death; here it’s life after boredom. It’s a fashionable town, our changes are mostly what we wear.

Since I’m a geek I need something with pockets always, for the camera and phone and wallet. In summer it’s a Tilley Outback. In the cold months it’s a leather jacket, once expensive with a famous Italian name that I’m not gonna drop here, only I had the lining and internal pockets replaced because there weren’t enough, and the outside is beat up and looks way better than new. In months between, a thin no-label black department-store synthetic jacket that I like best of all because its entire lack of any sensibility whatever seems its own statement: you have to look at my face.

Today I took the baby in the stroller to the butcher, buying beef for Sunday’s dinner guests. I had to wear the leather, hence the title.


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From: John Cowan (Sep 30 2007, at 08:31)

I was cured of keeping stuff in my jacket pockets after I was pick-pocketed once in a crowded subway station, and a second time when I (lacking a coat hook in my cubicle) rolled my chair over the jacket which contained my glasses.

Now I keep my necessities (which currently number five: wallet, keys, cell phone, glasses, badge) in either the front pants pockets (nothing in the rear pants pockets, ever; they are a target for dips) or else in the shirt pocket. Other stuff, chiefly my meds and various kinds of reading matter, goes in the backpack.


From: Rob (Sep 30 2007, at 17:38)

Seasons? Hah. Hereabouts we have Winter, Still Winter, Construction, and Still Construction-Almost Winter.


From: Mark (Sep 30 2007, at 20:54)

We have Cold, Colder, Spring, Potatoes, Rainy, Tomatoes, Peaches, Corn, Rainy II, Horse Mackerel, Mikan Tangerine, Baseball Playoffs, and The 3 Months of Christmas.


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