By ap­pear­ing twice in this se­ries Jah Wob­ble joins lu­mi­nar­ies like Miles Davis and J.S. Bach. I’m not go­ing to claim that he looms as large on the mu­si­cal land­scape; just that he writes and plays nice tunes fea­tur­ing di­vine­ly great bass lines. And, well, I just can’t say no to that. Sub­code is a slith­ery, icy-cool riv­er of funk.


This is off Ra­dioax­iom: A Dub Trans­mis­sion which pairs Mr Wob­ble with Bill Laswell, fa­mous Amer­i­can bassist/pro­duc­er/im­pre­sar­i­o. Two bass­es are bet­ter than one! But it leads to a prac­ti­cal prob­lem. If you want to hear this the way it’s meant to sound, your sub­woofer has to em­u­late an Im­pe­ri­al Bat­tle Cruis­er ex­plod­ing a medium-sized plan­et. But ac­tu­al­ly, what with Wob­ble and Laswell, it’s more like two IBC’s and a large plan­et. With two plan­et­s, you’d nev­er get the awe­some rhyth­mic pre­ci­sion that per­vades Ra­dioax­iom.

I love dub, and this has Dub in the ti­tle, but it’s not re­al­ly, even though Sly Dun­bar ap­pears on drum­s; it’s sort of a uni­ver­sal­ized deep-groove mashup, with a smat­ter­ing of the Mediter­ranean vo­cals Jah Wob­ble likes to use.

Back be­tween 2011 and 2013, there was this immensely-fun on­line mu­sic ser­vice called (link is to Wikipedi­a), where you gath­ered in rooms and took turns DJ-ing, try­ing to win votes from peo­ple in the room; “awesome” rather than “lame”. More votes got you a bet­ter avatar. Any­how, I used to hang out there, and when it was my turn on stage I of­ten tried to lead off with Sub­code; it could fit in with a whole lot of dif­fer­ent room themes. A com­mon re­ac­tion was “…oooh, phat bass”.

This is part of the Song of the Day se­ries (back­ground).

Links · Spo­ti­fy playlist. This tune on iTunes, Ama­zon, Spo­ti­fy. No live video, sor­ry.

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