The last time I plugged a song called Glo­ria, it was a set­ting of litur­gi­cal text from the Mass. Pat­ti Smith’s isn’t; it be­gins Je­sus died for someone’s sin­s, but not mine. So, pro­fane not sa­cred, even though the full ti­tle on the al­bum says Glo­ri­a: In Ex­cel­sis Deo. Al­so, one of the great rock vo­cals ev­er record­ed by any­one.

This is an­oth­er piece I blogged about be­fore, in which I used the phrase “loud and un­com­pro­mis­ing but still lyri­cal and lovely”. I’ll stand by that. Al­so, Ms Smith seems to be a gen­er­al­ly de­cen­t, sane, strong sort of per­son. She’s come through hard times and still goes out on the road.

Patti Smith

What Pat­ti Smith looks like these days.

I guess I should men­tion that Glo­ria was writ­ten by Van Mor­ri­son for his Six­ties band Them, and I like some of Van’s mu­sic and Them’s ver­sion of the song is per­fect­ly OK. But there’s on­ly one ver­sion my grand­chil­dren might lis­ten to.

This is part of the Song of the Day se­ries (back­ground).

Links · Spo­ti­fy playlist. This tune on Spo­ti­fy, iTunes, Ama­zon. Now, as for live video, there’s re­al­ly a lot, in­clud­ing some from back in the Seven­ties. I don’t know any­thing about Patti’s per­son­al life, but this one has a sort of coked-out feel. Good though. But you know, I re­al­ly kin­da like this from 2015; Pat­ti at 68 is sort of grand­moth­er­ly, but she has so much fun singing Glo­ria that you can’t not go with here. I can’t any­how.

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