By The Bangles; OK, one of the most cheerful songs ever recorded, with a hilarious video. But it’s got a good beat, you could dance to it. And at 50° North Latitude where I live, we’ll take any February smiles we can get. Seriously, listen to the song, watch the video, you’ll smile, how could that not be a good thing? Even better, stand up and do the dance around the office.

Bangles YouTube out-take

What can I say? The band is tight, the vocals and harmonies are razor-sharp, the guitar sound is good. Playing this kind of music at this tempo is tough; they knew what they were doing. And they weren’t one-hit wonders either, they had songs all over the radio for a few years there. I was totally a fan, never saw them but would have slapped down my cash in a flash.

When you watch the videos, you get the impression that they’re having an immense amount of fun up there on the stage. And you can’t help but have fun watching. Well, I can’t anyhow.

This is part of the Song of the Day series (background).

Links · Spotify playlist. This tune on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon. As for live video, there’s the classic original, then a 2000 take, more polished and harder rock too. Even the hired gun shaking the tambourine at the back has a goofy grin; how could you not? I’m also linking to a knock-off by KT Tunstall, which is amusing, and she intros with “That song made me feel like it was probably cooler to be a girl than a boy… because the Bangles were so cool.” Oh yeah, nothing could be cooler.


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From: COD (Feb 21 2018, at 05:48)

Always loved how they made Egyptian a four syllable world in this. I was a metalhead in the 80s (still am actually) but The Bangles were one of those pop bands that you could safely like without taking shit from anybody in the metal community. We were all secret, or not-so-secret, Bangles fans.


From: Jon Forrest (Feb 21 2018, at 10:10)

Take a look at for a brief vignette about the Bangles.

Jon Forrest


From: Liudvikas Bukys (Feb 23 2018, at 05:26)

An entertaining bluegrass cover:


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