It’s a tra­di­tion that I blog a pho­to of our cro­cus­es the first time each year that I’m home and they’re open and there’s some light. In the Pa­cif­ic Northwest’s late win­ter, we use “some light” in a for­giv­ing kind of way. The big-ass new 135mm F2 lens was quiv­er­ing in the cam­era bag for a chance at these lit­tle guys, how could I say no?

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The lens works well, but when I say “works” I mean the pho­tog­ra­pher does a whole lot of work to get the fo­cus hap­pen­ing. It took re­al­ly a lot of shots to come away with three that were use­ful­ly sharp. Grant­ed, you don’t have to shoot at F2 all the time, but isn’t that kind of the point?

I like walk­ing around with the big Samyang, if on­ly be­cause if you con­sid­er the pho­to op­por­tu­ni­ties it works well with, and then those ap­pro­pri­ate for the (al­so ex­cel­len­t) Pix­el 2, well, those two sets just don’t in­ter­sect at al­l.

Al­so, spring is com­ing.


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From: Gavin B (Feb 04 2018, at 00:31)

Petals to pixels

Pixels to purples

Purples to peoples

Pixels our peep holes


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