I think most of us do, so if you’re in Vancouver around Hallowe’en, you should go visit A Night For All Souls. Even if everyone you love is still alive, you should go anyhow because it’s full of extreme ethereal dark-hued beauty.

All Souls is in Vancouver’s Mountain View Cemetary, where I’ve often taken pictures and played Ingress before; it’s central and, yes, has a terrific view of the mountains. The project is city-funded and I hope they go on funding it.

The concept is simple: After dark there are soft lights everywhere, many of them in little shrines you can visit and write a message or light a candle.

Night For All Souls

There is music of some sort; this year, the performers were scattered round the graveyard, synchronized somehow electronically, and the music was dreamy, full of sweet slow shifting shapes

Musician at the Night For All Souls
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Musician at the Night For All Souls

Some shrines are themed: I recall those dedicated to overdose, and to suicide.

Suicide-themed shrine at the Night For All Souls

There is a certain amount of spirituality but little overt religion.

Shrine at the Night For All Souls

I’m not spiritual in the slightest, but it’s not possible to be unmoved.

The Night For All Souls
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The Night For All Souls

It’s just lights in the dark for a while at the end of the day, but at the end of the day that’s all we can really hope to be.

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