On Sun­day, I bought new shoes. On Mon­day, I got my Kickstarter-backed long-delayed Da­guer­rotype Achro­mat 2.9/64 Art Lens. Thus, on Tues­day I was well-prepared for a Fujifilm-sponsored pho­towalk on Vancouver’s Granville Is­land.

Vancouver’s Granville Street Bridge by night

That’s the Granville Street bridge,
with the down­town con­do wall be­hind it and a su­per­moon above.

Some­time in the 3½ years I’ve been in Fuji-land I got on their mail­ing list, which is OK be­cause it’s low-volume and, well, got me this in­vite. The ul­ti­mate hosts were Fu­ji­film Cana­da (whose Pres­i­dent and SVP were there), but al­so present and help­ing were The Fu­ji Guys and Beau Pho­to.

I wish I had the cy­cles to do more pho­towalk­s. As I’ve writ­ten be­fore, drop­ping in­to a mode where you’re con­scious­ly walk­ing around look­ing for pic­tures means that you see pic­tures wher­ev­er you look.

You can read about the lens and see the groovy pix it took in Achro­mat Pho­towalk, and I won’t write about the shoes, they’re just shoes OK?

But that pho­towalk was pure fun, in the chill clear ocean­side air. Ob­vi­ous­ly, we came look­ing for shots like this.

False creek by night

Many of us (the crowd was 50 or so) went to ex­treme length­s, de­ploy­ing tripod­s, nin­ja pos­tures, long ex­po­sures, and big lens­es, all com­ing away with sim­i­lar pic­tures.

There were lens­es and cam­era bod­ies you could bor­row; I fooled with an X-Pro2 and a 50-140 F2.8, and found both un­com­fort­ably larg­er than my lit­tle X-T1 with its 35mm F1.4 nailed on al­most per­ma­nent­ly.

For­tu­nate­ly, among the condo-tower-reflection clichés were vi­su­al odd­i­ties.

Visual oddity

The yel­low cylin­der with the shad­owed face is one of the Bi­en­nale gi­ants.

Our hosts and guides were charm­ing, gen­er­ous with opin­ions and ex­am­ples around mak­ing good pic­tures; leav­ened on­ly mod­er­ate­ly with advantages-of-Fujifilm mes­sag­ing. And in fact the Fu­ji tools are hit­ting sweet spots these days; they were mak­ing a bunch of pho­togs smile, am­bling round the wet dark sea­walls and side­walk­s.

Not all pho­tographs have to be dra­mat­ic; there’s a place for calmer rhythms too.

Boats near Vancouver’s Granville Island

The group I was in was led by Fuji’s Greg Poole, who taught me a few things about an­gles and tech­nique and pa­tience. I’m to­tal­ly a Zen pho­tog­ra­pher, all about seiz­ing the mo­men­t. If I had Mr Poole’s poise and de­ter­mi­na­tion, my pic­tures would be so dif­fer­en­t.

Embracing on a Granville Island dockside

But im­pulse pho­tog­ra­phy makes me hap­py, and since it’s hard to get paid for pho­tog­ra­phy these days, hap­pi­ness mat­ter­s.

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