Zombie, as in shambling brain-eating undead. Fluff, as in a book that’s an evening’s worth of page-turning. Good, as in way better than it needs to be and will leave you smiling. I’m talking bout Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion, which I recommend.

Warm Bodies cover

It’s hardly an obscure book; was quite popular and then there’s a reasonably well-reviewed movie version. Over on GoodReads I found people who liked the movie better, and the trailer looks amusing.

Tl;dr: The story is mostly told in a zombie’s inner dialogue (who knew they had ’em?) He meets The Right Girl and eats The Right Brain and big changes start to happen. The story is pretty silly, but the characters are totally lovable and there are lots of good set-pieces.

And brace yourself for the absolutely awful truth about how humans and zombies teach their children. (No, of course zombies can’t have children; but some are children.)

Anyhow, if you think you might like an atmospheric well-written zombie horror/comedy/romance, this is one of those.

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