I just finished reading Nemesis Games, the latest in The Expanse series by Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck. Predictably, it’s fun, and if you’ve read this far in The Expanse well then of course you’re going to read this one; but it left me a little unsatisfied.

Nemesis Games cover

Tl;dr: · While Rocinante is being fixed, Holden, Naomi, Amos, and Alex wend their four separate ways around the Solar System. War happens, and with a new adversary. Billions die! Bobbie is back! Holden keeps a secret! Amos has a hilarious scene with Avasarala! Other set-pieces include a bike ride across a postapocalyptic landscape and a 50-meter leap from spaceship to spaceship, sans spacesuit (not sure about the science on that one).

What’s good · Breaking up the crew lets the Corey twins stretch out and do lots of character exposition; I particularly enjoyed the time alone with the generally-underappreciated Alex. The conversation is amusingly hard-boiled, as always. In learning some of Naomi’s back-story (she has an ex, and boy is he ever bad) we get to know her better. Just like Lost, only different.

What’s bad · Well, the ending; or lack of one. The central problem around which the plot advances is left 100% unresolved. There’s at least a decade’s worth of development and denouement left in the franchise, which is a good thing. I guess, just like in HBO, at some point in Season Two you need a couple episodes which are mostly new-story-arc launch.

Whatever · Like I said, if you’ve read them this far, you’ll read this one. And having read it, you’ll read the next one, presumably due for release in summer 2016.

If you haven’t started reading the series, you want Leviathan Wakes.


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From: Brian (Jun 05 2015, at 07:58)

For someone who loved the first 3 books but hated the 4th should I continue with the 5th?


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