Just possibly I may have already touched here on the excellence of the Fujifilm 35mm F1.4 prime lens. This is just more of that, with illustrative late-winter/early-spring shots.

This time of year it gets dark early. If you wait for good light to shoot, you won’t get much. Or any light, actually.

Streetsign at night

The world is full of photographic subjects, but all the most interesting ones are faces. This is my friend Michelle.


What’s better than one face? A whole choir-load! Got a little lucky with the light here, but give the lens credit too.


And then there was February sun! I was zoned in on these backlit roseleaves and then when I was processing the pic I kept having the feeling that the background was the foreground. Bokeh, they say; of today’s photoset, this one really is mostly the lens at work.

Backlit roseleaf

Another of the same subject; I think this one must be about love.

Backlit early rose branch

We’re heading toward the equinox but that still means we spend a lot of time out after dark. It’s nice having a lens that doesn’t mind being in the dark.

Vancouver street at night

Cash Money, they say.

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