Gibsons is mostly another strip-mall-along-the-highway town, but includes “Gibsons Landing”, a nice albeit touristy place mostly famous for starring in a Canadian TV show that people’s grandparents liked. It’s got a big useful public dock — we say “government wharf” round here — which looks really good in mid-November’s slanting sun.

The dock at Gibsons Landing
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The dock at Gibsons Landing
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The dock at Gibsons Landing

None of the names for the town or any part of it seem to use apostrophes; I guess this makes sign-painters’ lives easier.

Photogeek note: It’s really hard to take that old (I mean really; it’s scratched and dented and looks old) 35mm prime off the camera.


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From: John Cowan (Nov 15 2014, at 10:52)

I don't know how it works in the Great White North, but the U.S. Board on Geographic Names has only ever allowed apostrophes in five names that it regulates ("administrative" names, like those of schools and hospitals, go their own way):

1) Martha's Vineyard, MA (after locals demanded it)

2) Ike's Point, NJ (it would be misleading as Ikes Point)

3) John E's Pond, RI (John Es Pond would suggest "John S Pond")

4) Carlos Elmer's Joshua View, AZ (because to leave it out would suggest the name "Carlos Elmers Joshua", whereas in fact "Joshua View" means a view of a stand of Joshua trees)

5) Clark's Mountain, OR (because that's what Meriweather Lewis called it in his journals)

No reason appears for the policy in the Board's records, which go back to 1890; the Board goes out of its way to debunk the reasons generally offered.

On the Harlem Line north of New York, the railroad stations are still called "Purdy's" and "Golden's Bridge", even though the hamlets they are in have long been called "Purdys" and "Goldens Bridge". The worst case is probably Dlo, MS, originally marked "de l'eau sans potable" on old French maps and more recently restored, at least unofficially, to "D'lo".


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