Week ending Sunday 2014/10/26

Monday 09:20 · On the weekend I waded into the #GamerGate swamp and came out with a few threads of optimism: https://t.co/n6S55c1bbM [Original.]

Monday 10:24 · “State of the Mirrorless DSLR” www.sansmirror.com/newsviews/state-of-the-mirrorless.html [Original.]

Monday 15:52 · Canada’s government: Resolutely anti-science. www.cbc.ca/news/politics/government-anti-drug-campaign-created-without-help-from-medical-groups-1.2806570?cmp=rss [Original.]

Monday 16:18 · @RobCottingham I don’t care that much *why* they’re anti-Science. [Original, responding to @RobCottingham.]

Monday 16:28 · @RobCottingham Actually unclear; electoral tactics yep, but maybe also “we know what’s right & those pointy-headed scientists hate us…”? [Original, responding to @RobCottingham.]

Monday 16:30 · @mathewi You don’t think there’s a real possibility of Amazon achieving de facto monopoly? Idea doesn’t seem crazy to me. [Original, responding to @mathewi.]

Monday 17:01 · @RobCottingham That’s a really good line about wright/wrong/amateurs, you should use it ASAP if you haven’t already [Original, responding to @RobCottingham.]

Monday 17:56 · RT @Sstack83: @timbray When I see stuff like this, I want to take away stuff that you like in life. YOU ARE A TOXIC ASSHOLE. Fuck off and d… [Original.]

Monday 18:46 · @cgenevier @harper best book I read in recent years: "Dogs at the Perimeter" by Madeleine Thien [Original, responding to @cgenevier.]

Monday 19:21 · @Spacekatgal At the very least, it’s dragged troll culture out into the cold clear light of day and now it can’t be un-seen. [Original, responding to @Spacekatgal.]

Monday 19:22 · @jsnell For us Lightroom geeks: Can you color-calibrate it? [Original, responding to @jsnell.]

Monday 20:57 · @pragdave How’s it going? [Original, responding to @pragdave.]

Monday 21:26 · @pragdave Strongly recommend finding your local RE community. I can probably arrange for someone to find you if that’d help. [Original, responding to @pragdave.]

Monday 22:16 · @ericpromislow Wow, that’s spooky. [Original, responding to @ericpromislow.]

Monday 22:34 · RT @stahnma: One the best real-world Docker reviews I've read. https://t.co/TQdVzOCjYK [DevOps gets deeper/scarier every year] [Original.]

Monday 22:35 · @ericpromislow I use the authenticator app so I’d never notice. A sort-of-advantage of SMS I suppose. [Original, responding to @ericpromislow.]

Monday 22:39 · @pragdave You haven’t had the real experience till you’ve been out on an op with a gang of people. [Original, responding to @pragdave.]

Monday 23:00 · @GreatDismal Yep. Buy the 3 network ones, 20GBP will get you enough for a week or so. [Original, responding to @GreatDismal.]

Monday 23:00 · @GreatDismal Some of the terminals they’re even before Immigration, very handy for standing in line. [Original, responding to @GreatDismal.]

Monday 23:01 · @GreatDismal “3 Network” is actually the name of the telco: www.three.co.uk/ [Original, responding to @GreatDismal.]

Tuesday 00:22 · @GreatDismal I go twice most years. Three network data is OK. Good enough to not worry about how well telephony works. [Original, responding to @GreatDismal.]

Tuesday 08:22 · @PennyRed Hate to break this to you, but most of world sees UK as breakfast wasteland. New World & continental Europe both way ahead. [Original, responding to @PennyRed.]

Tuesday 10:17 · 2-factor’s a big online-safety boost & it just got easier: googleonlinesecurity.blogspot.ca/2014/10/strengthening-2-step-verification-with.html Note: I want keys with NFC that work with mobiles too. [Original.]

Tuesday 10:21 · Good news: The YubiKey Neo now supports U2F. Bad news: Only new ones, not including the one a bought a few weeks ago. [Original.]

Tuesday 10:25 · @justinribeiro Actually it also will generate a keypair & store the private key & verify over NFC. [Original, responding to @justinribeiro.]

Tuesday 10:26 · @angelixd Yeah the Neo. It now supports U2F. But not the version I bought a few weeks ago. [Original, responding to @angelixd.]

Tuesday 10:31 · @PacoBell Link? [Original, responding to @PacoBell.]

Tuesday 10:37 · More than 800 scientists from 32 countries have signed a letter urging Canadian govt to un-muzzle scientists: blog.ucsusa.orghttp/blog.ucsusa.org/800-scientists-urge-greater-freedoms-for-canadian-government-experts-693 [Original.]

Tuesday 11:47 · Eek, I’ve been re-zoned into “Vancouver Granville”. Potentially very interesting riding: www.elections.ca/res/cir/maps2/mapprov.asp?map=59036&lang=e [Original.]

Tuesday 11:52 · @mgilbir Canada is relatively gerrymandering-free. But I think it’s a net minus for the NDP. Feels like Tory/Liberal territory. [Original, responding to @mgilbir.]

Tuesday 13:58 · @nelson Where’d you get that? [Original, responding to @nelson.]

Tuesday 14:14 · @nelson Maybe worth pointing these are world-class-pro games, not just any games. [Original, responding to @nelson.]

Tuesday 14:15 · @nelson They’re trying (some at least) to be moneymaking operations, last time I checked. [Original, responding to @nelson.]

Tuesday 14:46 · Oh my goodness gracious. Here’s a dude who is *really* pissed at #gamergate: https://t.co/jcYdjsnXk4 Polemics virtuoso too. [Original.]

Tuesday 17:59 · @timoreilly And he’s obviously having so much fun with it, too, hard not to enjoy it with him. [Original, responding to @timoreilly.]

Tuesday 19:41 · Creating and using a Linux virtual machine in the cloud from an iPhone: https://t.co/OFv1fe2jEh [Original.]

Wednesday 01:36 · #BCstorm Remember, forecast is for calm by morning. [Original.]

Wednesday 09:54 · When I left Google my sort-of-plan was to stay unemployed/indie. This is proving harder than expected. [Original.]

Wednesday 09:59 · The people on the scene dealing with the #OttawaShooting have urgent priorities and informing the media/public ain’t on that list. [Original.]

Wednesday 10:20 · Nice #golang best-practices piece from @rakyll highlights Interfaces, maybe Go’s most interesting feature: https://t.co/Jl5JoUuekg [Original.]

Wednesday 16:39 · Low light + “face detection” + fast prime + geeks dressed to kill, wow! https://t.co/m1mjAtvPlf [Original.]

Wednesday 16:55 · “Games are… creative, they are worlds to immerse yourself in. They are art. And they are worth fighting for” thisfeliciaday.tumblr.com/post/100700417809/the-only-thing-i-have-to-say-about-gamer-gate [Original.]

Wednesday 17:10 · @BWJones 35MM F1.4, oldest X-lens with Klunkiest autofocus [Original, responding to @BWJones.]

Wednesday 17:23 · @EvaAndreasson @technmsg Had to kinda sneak up on her for that shot. [Original, responding to @EvaAndreasson.]

Wednesday 19:00 · RT @ChrisWarcraft: Holy shit. You fucking losers in #Gamergate claim it's about ethics, and then dox a woman who speaks up in her comments … [Original.]

Wednesday 19:25 · Canadian govt should announce: As a result of this we are changing… Absolutely nothing. [Original.]

Wednesday 19:38 · Telling myself that it’s insane if Michael Zehaf-Bibeau makes me think of Marinus van der Lubbe. [Original.]

Wednesday 19:50 · #GamerGate data: gamergatescoreboard.com/ [Original.]

Wednesday 20:34 · RT @TheTedNelson: Total eclipse of the earth! Happens every night. [Original.]

Wednesday 22:40 · RT @alexhofford: Umbrella banner now hanging off Hong Kong's iconic Lion Rock! Says "We Want Universal Suffrage!" #UmbrellaMovement [Original.]

Thursday 05:13 · @ntlk @steveklabnik video doesn't play on my Nexus 7, so I guess the Web isn't for me. [Original, responding to @ntlk.]

Thursday 05:21 · @chadfowler Huh, I managed to lose those about 15 years after graduating… [Original, responding to @chadfowler.]

Thursday 16:10 · AWS gets OpenID Connect support; cool! aws.amazon.com/blogs/aws/openid-connect-support/ [Original.]

Thursday 16:12 · Close look at trade-offs in Twitter’s new Digits thing by @DickHardt: https://t.co/SDCmNAMjgg [Original.]

Friday 05:32 · Useful graph of global wealth from The Economist: www.economist.com/news/economic-and-financial-indicators/21625811-global-wealth?frsc=dg%7Cd [Original.]

Friday 12:44 · More on Twitter Digits from @duncan: https://t.co/vPOjiurgip [Original.]

Saturday 22:59 · @Stv It’s conceptual art, he’s forcing you to invent ad-hoc sharing mechanisms that acknowledge the machineries of desire and sharing. [Original, responding to @Stv.]

Sunday 08:33 · Clever use of OAuth tokens from WordPress: https://t.co/WAuAEhjNqu [Original.]

Sunday 10:38 · Somebody’s trying to hack my Apple ID, and they’re leaving footprints. [Original.]

Sunday 10:44 · Getting multiple emails/day saying somone’s selected one of my gmails as their Apple ID, can I please verify. Feaugh. [Original.]

Sunday 10:46 · Also someone managed to generate a password reset on my main/real Apple ID. [Original.]

Sunday 10:55 · So there’s a gmail address of mine that someone is clumsily trying to use to make a fake Apple ID. Would this interest anyone at Apple? [Original.]

Sunday 11:01 · RT @dozykraut: @timbray same here. Quiet for a while, then 4-5 attempts/week. In my case it's my ISP email, which I *never* use for anythin… [Original.]

Sunday 11:19 · Adium won’t talk to AIM today. Still have friends there. :( [Original.]

Sunday 11:28 · @Spacekatgal A little uneasy about the bloody knife there… [Original, responding to @Spacekatgal.]

Sunday 11:50 · @onenameio Verifying that +timbray is my Bitcoin username. You can send me #bitcoin here: https://t.co/bUe7nRAHBD [Original, responding to @onenameio.]

Sunday 12:53 · RT @ChrisWarcraft: Now it's time to clean the house like a good beta while my wife's at work. Because gender roles something something ethi… [Original.]

Sunday 12:58 · “Laughter in the male dominated room.” blog.cleancoder.com/uncle-bob/2014/10/26/LaughterInTheMaleDominatedRoom.html [Original.]

Sunday 14:18 · “Life’s too short to hold a grudge” https://t.co/Nws6krqlft [Seriously funny picture] [Original.]

Sunday 14:51 · Alien: Reconciliation. [Original.]

Sunday 16:01 · Ah, another #GamerGate supporter: @paxdickinson. What a charming bunch of people. [Original.]

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