October 11th was World Photowalk Day. I attended the Vancouver edition, which was in a place I’d never go looking for pictures; but I got some anyhow.

We started at the Convention Centre and walked to Gastown, which is to say through Vancouver’s maximal white-hot tourist density, where you don’t need to be on a photowalk to be pointing a camera at everything.

Which is why normally I wouldn’t take my camera there. But you know, going somewhere to take pictures puts your eyes in looking-for-pictures mode. Which isn’t my default; I normally lean back in my skull, waiting for something I see to exhort the camera out of the bag. Maybe I’m doing it wrong. Anyhow, here they are.

Vancouver Canada Place

When we started, everything was in maximal high-contrast mode.

Vancouver Seabus Station wrapped for renovations

They’d wrapped the waterfront train/bus/ferry station
for renovations.

Guy with iPad

I’m not sure this guy’s accessories are all working well together.

Gastown wedding
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Gastown wedding

A wedding was in progress; there was puzzlement at the dozen
amateur photogs milling around the pro.

Canada place, with barbed wire.

The white things are Canada Place,
best-known as the cruise ship terminal.

East-Gastown street scene

As you go east things get sketchier.
There’s a story here but I’m not sure what it is.

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