Week ending Sunday 2014/10/12

Monday 07:31 · @independentid Seems like there’s a difference between saying unpopular things and direct personal attacks/threats/doxxing. [Original, responding to @independentid.]

Monday 08:28 · RT @DickHardt: The JSON Web Token (JWT) is the token format of the future. Handy tool for peaking at them jwt.io/ from @auth… [Original.]

Monday 09:53 · Apparently Twin Peaks is coming back, Lynch at the controls, in 2016: https://t.co/zYIN2MvSX8 [Original.]

Monday 16:25 · “En­crypt­ing phones makes the world a safer and bet­ter place and that’s all there is to it.” https://t.co/YaxpTXsXd7 [Original.]

Monday 17:55 · American nightmares: the photography of William Mortensen (some mildly NSFW): www.theguardian.com/artanddesign/gallery/2014/oct/06/american-nightmares-the-photography-of-william-mortensen [Original.]

Monday 19:13 · @cat_in_the_tap If you’re seeing them, that’s a bug. What are you reading in? [Original, responding to @cat_in_the_tap.]

Monday 19:47 · @andrew_leach Alberta petro-establishment is institutionally blind to everything but extraction. [Original, responding to @andrew_leach.]

Monday 20:39 · @BWJones With ya on religion, but we gotta debate ethics. [Original, responding to @BWJones.]

Tuesday 07:59 · @cat_in_the_tap Which client, Twitter? [Original, responding to @cat_in_the_tap.]

Tuesday 08:53 · @cat_in_the_tap Upstream, those are unicode “soft hyphen” chars, meaning good-place-to-put-a-hyphen-if-you-need-a-line-break. Investigating [Original, responding to @cat_in_the_tap.]

Tuesday 17:51 · Current vibe: Baie des Anges Clubbing. “Si vous avez des problèmes, le Blues est votre meilleur ami - Otis Spann” No site of its own? [Original.]

Tuesday 18:55 · So Canada’s going to send more Westerners to improve the Middle East by dropping bombs on it. #unconvinced [Original.]

Tuesday 19:41 · Every time I read anything Elixir-related I find myself nodding and smiling: blog.plataformatec.com.br/2014/09/writing-assertive-code-with-elixir/?utm_content=8193006&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter [Original.]

Tuesday 20:40 · Unsurprisingly, @ftrain retains the capacity to surprise: tilde.club/~ford/ [Original.]

Tuesday 22:05 · RT @anildash: Kathy Sierra wrote about why she stepped away from Twitter again. It is a tremendous loss. seriouspony.com/trouble-at-the-koolaid-point [Original.]

Wednesday 08:06 · World’s most contagious falsehoods, beautifully illustrated: www.informationisbeautiful.net/visualizations/common-mythconceptions-worlds-most-contagious-falsehoods/ [Original.]

Wednesday 11:55 · Strong pushback on “Golden Key” foolishness from @malgorithms: https://t.co/DZgMSgpMmB [Original.]

Wednesday 13:50 · RT @rands: Engineers spend a lot of time waiting for you to get to the point. [Original.]

Wednesday 13:54 · @bascule Who’s defending bad crypto? [Original, responding to @bascule.]

Wednesday 14:39 · cat sig | gpg --dearmor | shasum -b -a256 | awk ' { print "0:", $1 } ' | xxd -g0 -r -c256 | base64 | head -c 36 [kinda like a haiku] [Original.]

Wednesday 14:59 · Try this on your Android: Settings > Security > Trusted Credentials. *shudders* [Original.]

Wednesday 14:59 · RT @FedcourtJunkie: Google has asked SCOTUS to take the mammoth Oracle litigation over Android/Java. This is on software APIs and copyright [Original.]

Thursday 07:11 · @sitesdoneright IG? [Original, responding to @sitesdoneright.]

Thursday 11:12 · My “Does the Browser Have a Future?” talk, which I’ve given enough (I think) times, now online thanks to #GOTOaar: https://t.co/OPDZBB5sVA [Original.]

Thursday 11:16 · RT @lrainie: .@timbray foresees "locative augmented-reality app[s] for art, entertainment, tourism, and other surprising things.” t.… [Original.]

Thursday 12:34 · Two very short video demos of modern crypto software: https://t.co/YXGk5newFX (1:56) and https://t.co/kC1v5CT4EP (0:59) [Original.]

Thursday 14:46 · “I Fight Surveillance” - nice looking EFF project: https://t.co/E1RKLaO3M8 [Original.]

Thursday 16:35 · RT @SwiftOnSecurity: Love is CVE-1 [Original.]

Thursday 23:59 · RT @ignu: The longer I write software the more amazed I am that anything ever works ever. [Original.]

Friday 22:04 · Hey @stshank you should come to one of those Goto conferences, lotsa good sessions. [Original.]

Saturday 10:06 · TIL new emotion: orz [Old actually, research says it dates to 2002.] [Original.]

Saturday 10:07 · Today is World #photwalk day. Vancouver photowalk 4PM at the Olympic Cauldron: kelbyone.com/photowalk/walk/vancouver-bc-canada/ [Original.]

Saturday 10:18 · @jroper Damn autocorrect [Original, responding to @jroper.]

Saturday 10:18 · Urgh I meant emoticon not emotion: orz [Original.]

Saturday 10:26 · Morozov misbehaving seriously in the pages of the New Yorker: leevinsel.com/blog/2014/10/11/an-unresolved-issue-evgeny-morozov-the-new-yorker-and-the-perils-of-highbrow-journalism Unsurprised. [Original.]

Saturday 10:42 · Baffled why the New Yorker keeps giving Morozov space; that piece on the Maker movement would have ruined anyone else’s career. [Original.]

Saturday 11:02 · Managed to replicate a Keybase.io proof in Java on Android talking to Spongycastle. Feeling absurdly pleased. #onshouldersofgiants [Original.]

Saturday 11:18 · Vancouver peeps; you gotta see this. “All Souls at Mountain View Cemetery”: nightforallsouls.com/ Last year’s was pure magic. [Original.]

Saturday 11:42 · Terrific piece on sharpening Fuji X-cam pix in Lightroom: petebridgwood.com.gridhosted.co.uk/wp/2014/10/x-trans-sharpening/ I tried his recommendations and they work! [Original.]

Saturday 12:09 · This is how we make the Internet more secure. Not huge leaps, but grinding away at the attack surface: googleonlinesecurity.blogspot.ca/2014/10/news-from-land-of-patch-rewards.html [Original.]

Saturday 12:40 · How about just shutting down the game biz. It's a swamp where toxic trolls thrive, negative ROI for humanity. venturebeat.com/2014/10/10/game-developer-brianna-wu-leaves-home-after-receiving-death-threats-for-speaking-out-in-support-of-women/ [Original.]

Saturday 12:44 · RT @adrahon: Evgeny Morozov appropriated Eden Medina's book "Cybernetic Revolutionaries", so of course I just bought her book. t.co/… [Original.]

Saturday 14:54 · @troy_s Wouldn’t have any idea how to do those things [Original, responding to @troy_s.]

Saturday 14:55 · @nelson Seems that way; contrarianism is a ticket to ride on the prestige pubs. [Original, responding to @nelson.]

Saturday 14:59 · Hey, I got my first couple of semiliterate drooling GamerGate trolls now. I feel honored. [Original.]

Saturday 15:13 · RT @femfreq: Today marks the 3rd time I’ve gone on stage after specific death and bomb threats where issued to an event where I’m scheduled… [Original.]

Saturday 23:17 · Plywood isn’t necessarily boring. [Original.]

Saturday 23:55 · “Only cantonization will prevent Israel from devouring itself from within.” A radical/plausible idea: www.haaretz.com/news/features/.premium-1.619741 [Original.]

Sunday 00:08 · Éthiopiques FTW (https://t.co/Mlv8TGMJLp). Collect them all! [Original.]

Sunday 00:36 · @peat Also, wrong. [Original, responding to @peat.]

Sunday 01:03 · RT @mala: we are all flawed, and what we hope to do is build tools, institutions and cultures that do not reflect those flaws, but our best… [Original.]

Sunday 09:27 · @brianleroux Well, their command-line client is open-source and is coffeescript/node, so you wouldn’t have to build it from scratch. [Original, responding to @brianleroux.]

Sunday 09:37 · @brianleroux You would presumably be a customer for WebCrypto; also see https://t.co/W2m1yluXmS [Original, responding to @brianleroux.]

Sunday 09:39 · @brianleroux They’re actually working on a Go port of the client, partly because of install/dependency pain. [Original, responding to @brianleroux.]

Sunday 10:10 · @shazron They’re taking pull requests, OpenKeychain now has Keybase integration. See “sending a message” at https://t.co/PDqG8PMlFu [Original, responding to @shazron.]

Sunday 10:12 · @brianleroux The API is super easy to use; see https://t.co/5rQigX5lmJ (Java, sigh) [Original, responding to @brianleroux.]

Sunday 10:30 · @EricKleefeld If you ever get a chance, the Harbour Air floatplane to Victoria is a wonderful trip. [Original, responding to @EricKleefeld.]

Sunday 19:17 · RT @hfiguiere: Block Together (on twitter) - https://t.co/3O1nz0du5c - interesting idea. [Original.]

Sunday 20:49 · Making Android Crypto-friendly: https://t.co/xmwNkmYeGs [It’d be easy, and Google should do it.] [Original.]

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