Week ending Sunday 2014/08/03

Monday 07:50 · Summer party in the park, with firetruck: https://t.co/KlKWqZW9rp [Original.]

Monday 07:51 · It is WAY too hard to do unit testing on Android: www.openkeychain.org/odyssey-with-testing/ [Original.]

Monday 08:21 · “Alphabetical order explained in a mere 27,817 words”: www.hyperorg.com/blogger/2014/07/27/eim-alphabetical-order-explained-in-a-mere-27817-words/ [Original.]

Monday 09:15 · RT @kelseyinnis: way too real. The Day I Leave The Tech Industry by @catehstn www.catehuston.com/blog/2014/07/28/the-day-i-leave-the-tech-industry/ [Original.]

Monday 09:22 · Potential iOS privacy vulnerabilities; see www.zdziarski.com/blog/?p=3506 and (OUCH!) pastebin.com/KFKcFWhs [Original.]

Monday 09:26 · @JoyceCarolOates Nah, people just stopped believing in fairies, gnomes, and God. [Original, responding to @JoyceCarolOates.]

Monday 10:27 · RT @ID_AA_Carmack: I go back and forth on the value of using string classes vs const char * as parameters to utility functions. [Original.]

Monday 12:00 · Excellent Net-Neutrality submission from MLB. Who, by the way, are a class act; superb customer care. apps.fcc.gov/ecfs/document/view?id=7521491654&_ga=1.230593179.645808717.1406567546 [Original.]

Monday 13:12 · @pkedrosky I live by both. I’d give up the mountains if I had to pick. [Original, responding to @pkedrosky.]

Monday 13:27 · @pkedrosky Might have something to do with the boat in Horseshoe Bay & waterfront cabin on Keats Island… [Original, responding to @pkedrosky.]

Monday 13:29 · @pkedrosky Place next to us is for sale: propertyguys.com/property/index/id/74427 :) [Original, responding to @pkedrosky.]

Monday 14:03 · OK, my OS X menubar is flickering every time I hit a key in Emacs. Abstractions aren’t leaking, they’re projectile-vomiting. [Original.]

Monday 14:09 · @danudey native app. [Original, responding to @danudey.]

Monday 14:11 · Hmm, its Emacs’ fault, it’s stupidly doing something with its menus. Don’t mind me. [Original.]

Monday 15:38 · Privacy economics; It’s not a binary thing, it’s a dial we can & should keep turning up: https://t.co/SLrNtuXb7w [Original.]

Monday 15:56 · Want to hear the sounds of war? Tune in Russian TV live feed: rt.com/on-air/gaza-operation-israel-military/ [Original.]

Monday 16:13 · Gaza assault live-feed screenshot. What’s happening is unbelievable. [Original.]

Monday 16:28 · @paulg There are lots of me. [Original, responding to @paulg.]

Monday 16:42 · Any experts reading this know what the military purpose is of those flares the Israelis are filling Gaza’s skies with? [Original.]

Monday 16:55 · Whoever’s standing on that building in Gaza pointing the Russian-network TV camera at the bombing is pretty hardass. Good luck to ’em. [Original.]

Monday 17:08 · @edwk rt.com/on-air/gaza-operation-israel-military/ [Original, responding to @edwk.]

Monday 17:40 · @ebruchez Not really expecting people whose kids get blown up to be empathetic, reasonable, etc… [Original, responding to @ebruchez.]

Monday 17:47 · Chromecasting a war. [Original.]

Monday 18:36 · RT @ghazalairshad: Suha Najjar took this photo from her home in #Gaza tonight. Absolutely chilling. [Original.]

Monday 18:44 · Another live-TV stream from Gaza: www.elahmad.com/tv/palestine_tv.php [Original.]

Tuesday 07:44 · @timsleptsov So I guess you better go on slaughtering Gazans, because that’s working so well. [Original, responding to @timsleptsov.]

Tuesday 07:57 · Eek, apparently Instagram on Android is wildly insecure. mazinahmed1.blogspot.in/2014/07/session-hijacking-in-instagram-mobile.html [someone should check iOS] [Original.]

Tuesday 09:58 · @Zuchmir OK, so go ahead and continue slaughtering the people of Gaza. Because that’s working so well. [Original, responding to @Zuchmir.]

Tuesday 10:31 · @Zuchmir Yes, since slaughtering Gazans isn't working, first thing is to stop doing that. [Original, responding to @Zuchmir.]

Tuesday 10:42 · @Zuchmir slaughtering Gazans is empirically what's happening. 2. Negotiate. [Original, responding to @Zuchmir.]

Tuesday 10:59 · @Zuchmir I guess since you refuse to negotiate, your only option is to continue the assault. Good luck with that. [Original, responding to @Zuchmir.]

Tuesday 11:14 · @Zuchmir I like Peter Beinart’s: www.haaretz.com/opinion/.premium-1.606791 [Original, responding to @Zuchmir.]

Tuesday 11:15 · @Zuchmir If you want peace you have to either crush your enemy or negotiate with them. You don’t have to like them. [Original, responding to @Zuchmir.]

Tuesday 11:32 · @Zuchmir No easy solutions. But the current approach is both evil and failing. Good luck. [Original, responding to @Zuchmir.]

Tuesday 11:35 · @Zuchmir Yeah, only about 1K dead so far. 10K will solve the problem? 100K? [Original, responding to @Zuchmir.]

Tuesday 11:42 · @Zuchmir I actually respect the IDF a lot. Bibi’s asking them to do something impossible. [Original, responding to @Zuchmir.]

Tuesday 11:55 · @Zuchmir Clearly a majority of Israelis think the current approach will stop the rockets. I don’t. We’ll see. [Original, responding to @Zuchmir.]

Tuesday 12:18 · @acangiano I like earbuds because of the way they exclude airplane sound. [Original, responding to @acangiano.]

Tuesday 19:37 · @seriouspony Most tech-focused online communities are male-dominated. Some, vicious sinkholes. Others sustain a warm glow. *sighs* [Original, responding to @seriouspony.]

Tuesday 20:51 · RT @Mogaza: in some years, #Palestinian children will visit Gaza Museums to learn the story of what Israel did in 2014 by killing innocents. [Original.]

Tuesday 22:10 · @John_Hempton I thought Piketty was this summer’s beach book *snicker* [Original, responding to @John_Hempton.]

Tuesday 22:23 · @jtauber There were a few LPs released that were proudly stamped “AAA”. [Original, responding to @jtauber.]

Wednesday 08:35 · ∀ 𝑥 ∃ 𝑥.js [Original.]

Wednesday 09:07 · GitHub and StackOverflow have become single points of failure for our whole profession. Ewwww. [Original.]

Wednesday 09:47 · What is OSCON for? https://t.co/0GmXVDszPD [Original.]

Wednesday 20:46 · @DaveO Check out Slack [Original, responding to @DaveO.]

Wednesday 22:14 · Aww, Dick Wagner died. I loved his work on Lou Reed’s “Rock n Roll Animal”. [Original.]

Thursday 12:29 · @mikeloukides Thanks; Interesting: Linking via feedly produces sort of surprising results on mobile (not a problem). [Original, responding to @mikeloukides.]

Thursday 18:00 · @umerazad @Zuchmir In my experience the quality of conversation is poorly if at all correlated with follower count. [Original, responding to @umerazad.]

Thursday 18:01 · RT @TheEconomist: Since the implementation of a carbon tax, per-person consumption of fuels in British Columbia has dropped by 16% t… [Original.]

Thursday 19:12 · @ftrain Not all interior designers are bottoms, after all. [Original, responding to @ftrain.]

Thursday 20:14 · A religion which is against laughter is laughable; so they laughed. www.theguardian.com/world/2014/jul/30/turkish-women-defy-deputy-pm-laughter [Original.]

Saturday 08:46 · @pphaneuf @xwindowsystem it never ever has [Original, responding to @pphaneuf.]

Saturday 21:59 · @pphaneuf I’d heard repeated claims that the wire format is not documented enough for indie implementations. Wondering what you’re doing… [Original, responding to @pphaneuf.]

Sunday 07:55 · RT @xeni: There is no way to explain away civilian carnage as acceptable, an unavoidable evil. But the sociopaths with the guns and bombs a… [Original.]

Sunday 07:57 · RT @YourAnonNews: Empathy via @Anon_Online [Original.]

Sunday 08:28 · Good, fresh writing on Gaza from David Blair. Stay till the end. blogs.telegraph.co.uk/news/davidblair/100282273/you-learn-a-lot-very-quickly-in-gaza/ [Original.]

Sunday 08:39 · On the desirability (or not) of null. I've never tried to do serious work in a null-free language. www.codeproject.com/Articles/787668/Why-We-Should-Love-null [Original.]

Sunday 10:19 · RT @AFPphoto: A Palestinian girl sits and eats in the rubble of her destroyed home in Gaza City by @MahmudHams #AFP [Original.]

Sunday 10:29 · [i.e., >$1M/dead Gazan. Modern slaughter ain't cheap.] https://t.co/yHrEzXtSRL [Original.]

Sunday 11:23 · On hating T-Mobile: https://t.co/gGZcfrMvHZ /cc @TMobile [Original.]

Sunday 12:55 · @graydon_moz I note that none of those are widely used, so far. Why not? [Original, responding to @graydon_moz.]

Sunday 14:13 · OH NO! Studio Ghibli announces closure. oh-totoro.com/post/93700803450/studio-ghibli-announces-closure-toshio-suzuki [Original.]

Sunday 14:14 · @danfuzz You have only hours to live now... [Original, responding to @danfuzz.]

Sunday 18:00 · Just another Howe Sound sunset. [Original.]

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