I previously wrote about sticking a groovy 100mm F/2.8 tele/macro Pentax lens on my Fujifilm X-T1; here are a few leftover pictures with no unifying theme, but they’re pretty.

There are fancier flowers than a daisy, but few more fetching; my Mom scandalized her early-Fifties wedding planners by insisting on carrying them as a bride.

Back-lit daisy

I’ve commented on how great the X-T1’s manual-focus aids are, even with the mismatched lens. Let me walk that back a bit, because I’ve been having trouble with shots at any distance; perhaps the adapter getting in the way? But for anything nearby it gets up and sings, for example like this: Focus on the ferns, then on the ferns behind the ferns.

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Ferns behind ferns

It’s not all plants. Keeping backyard chickens is fashionable these days in Vancouver — mostly for the eggs, of course, but they’re a treat for the eye, particularly in summer suppertime sun. This plump agricultural asset belongs to friends.

White hen
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White hen

I think this 100mm will get regular but occasional use for close-ups and portraits; nobody would call it a general-purpose walk-around lens. But I’ve had loads of fun checking it out.

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