Week ending Sunday 2014/05/18

Monday 07:52 · Per current estimates, the age of the Earth is 32.85% of the age of the universe. [Original.]

Monday 08:01 · Interesting thread on how it’s difficult to control who sees your email: mako.cchttp/mako.cc/copyrighteous/google-has-most-of-my-email-because-it-has-all-of-yours [Original.]

Monday 08:12 · @futureidentity Yeah, and the path to making that widely civilian-accessible is tantalizingly almost within reach. [Original, responding to @futureidentity.]

Monday 08:26 · @futureidentity But horrible usability for the nontechnical, and the WoT notion has failed. I want it straightforward for ordinary people. [Original, responding to @futureidentity.]

Monday 09:09 · Canada ISP Speed Index: ispspeedindex.netflix.com/canada [Original.]

Monday 09:12 · Thinking that the quality of my input streams would be improved by suppressing everything containing “IoT”. [Original.]

Monday 10:15 · @headius Have a look at Golang for a really principled approach. Although those designers didn’t have your kind of legacy issues... [Original, responding to @headius.]

Monday 10:28 · From Joe Gregorio, No more JS frameworks: bitworking.org/news/2014/05/zero_framework_manifesto [Original.]

Monday 17:39 · Chromeography - Ooh, pretties & shinies! chromeography.com/ [Original.]

Monday 22:32 · RT @rowansingh: Can't be unseen. [Original.]

Tuesday 10:09 · With RFC7258, the IETF puts a stake in the ground on pervasive monitoring. This is a big deal: https://t.co/8xu9kqtwFb [Original.]

Tuesday 13:51 · Coming in June: New Expanse novel, new Jack White album. Pop culture FTW. [Original.]

Tuesday 15:13 · @zedshaw Huh? XML? SSL? [Original, responding to @zedshaw.]

Tuesday 16:17 · @zedshaw I think things have improved in the last 11 years. IETF pretty strong on TLS, but agnostic on formats. Mostly JSON these days. [Original, responding to @zedshaw.]

Tuesday 16:18 · @zedshaw BTW, I’m pretty convinced that everything should be TLS by default. [Original, responding to @zedshaw.]

Tuesday 16:29 · @zedshaw Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the not-actually-that-bad. TLS is immensely better than nothing. [Original, responding to @zedshaw.]

Tuesday 16:32 · @dannysullivan Anyone in the US that is. Feaugh. [Original, responding to @dannysullivan.]

Tuesday 16:52 · @zedshaw OK, but for the moment, the IETF saying “use TLS!” is a perfectly reasonable thing to say. [Original, responding to @zedshaw.]

Tuesday 16:58 · @zedshaw That is exactly what’s happening. Hash functions being deprecated as we speak. [Original, responding to @zedshaw.]

Tuesday 19:05 · A large-scale revival of “Jesus Christ Superstar” is coming to town. Starring, among others, John Lydon. #blankfaceheadshake [Original.]

Tuesday 19:07 · www.jesuschristsuperstar.comhttp/www.jesuschristsuperstar.com/ #whataworldwelivein [Original.]

Tuesday 19:34 · @chris_mahan A well-implemented TLS connection to a host outside the reach of your government is such a thing. [Original, responding to @chris_mahan.]

Tuesday 20:37 · @konklone Thanks for mentioning @JoeBeOne, whom I previously hadn’t run across. [Original, responding to @konklone.]

Tuesday 21:00 · Reading the latest Snowden doc dump, at hbpub.vo.llnwd.net/o16/video/olmk/holt/greenwald/NoPlaceToHide-Documents-Uncompressed.pdf [Original.]

Wednesday 07:02 · @chris_mahan @zedshaw well, I don't implement filesystems either, but I use them. Weak argument. [Original, responding to @chris_mahan.]

Wednesday 07:39 · @chris_mahan Open a connection to “https://whatever”. Don’t implement it yourself, use libraries. [Original, responding to @chris_mahan.]

Wednesday 07:46 · @chris_mahan Sorry, not a pythonista. But acceptable TLS implementations are widely available & it’s irresponsible not to use them. [Original, responding to @chris_mahan.]

Wednesday 07:46 · @chris_mahan Also... xmlrpc?! Ewwwwww. [Original, responding to @chris_mahan.]

Wednesday 08:25 · @chris_mahan Depends on the language. You’re a grown-up, exercise judgment. The right answer is *not* to just blow TLS off. [Original, responding to @chris_mahan.]

Wednesday 08:33 · @chris_mahan Flogging better than beheading, too. If talking to legacy xmlrpc endpoint (sigh), OK. Modern RESTful stuff so much nicer. [Original, responding to @chris_mahan.]

Wednesday 08:35 · RT @BWJones: When 97% of climate scientists have reached the same conclusion, it would be good to listen to them: whatweknow.aaas.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/AAAS-What-We-Know.pdf [Original.]

Wednesday 09:43 · RT @segphault: This blog post about why we still can’t use CORS is really depressing: blog.algolia.comhttp/blog.algolia.com/jsonp-still-mandatory/ Yes, even though most browsers… [Original.]

Wednesday 10:01 · Good interview with Piketty addressing some critiques of his book: www.ippr.org/juncture/juncture-interview-thomas-piketty-on-capital-in-the-twenty-first-century [Original.]

Wednesday 10:15 · What can 6 media-savvy grad students build in 14 weeks for Glass? https://t.co/KNWnazIZuX Also: my summer gig. [Original.]

Wednesday 10:16 · My students’ blog; Raw impressions of Glass from smart people trying out for the first time: blogs.thecdm.cahttp/blogs.thecdm.ca/aperture/ [Original.]

Wednesday 10:50 · World Cup calendar as a webcal: - imports fine into google calendar: www1.skysports.com/FIFA-World-Cup-2014/news/15241/9066717/world-cup-calendar [Original.]

Wednesday 11:01 · Best “The Setup” ever! madame.fromage.usesthis.com/ [Original.]

Wednesday 11:02 · @harper Visit Tokyu Hands. Also, I strongly recommend Kamakura if you can get down there. [Original, responding to @harper.]

Wednesday 12:32 · @ID_AA_Carmack Enough of us greybeards are living who remember the last round of “char far *” pain, that’s probably why. [Original, responding to @ID_AA_Carmack.]

Wednesday 13:12 · A large & monotonically increasing proportion of all GETs to my blog come from AWS. True for the whole Net? [Original.]

Wednesday 18:05 · Reflections in the still waters at the Chinese garden: https://t.co/MvluqpqJxy [Original.]

Wednesday 21:32 · @sogrady How many posts did they hit in the series? Was a Habs supporter but thinking they got a little lucky there. [Original, responding to @sogrady.]

Thursday 08:00 · @dberlind Ruling sucks, but what else is at threat? Can’t think of much. [Original, responding to @dberlind.]

Thursday 23:40 · @ftrain That’s the *official* King James Bible. King James himself must’ve put that site up. [Original, responding to @ftrain.]

Thursday 23:44 · EFF “Who has your back?” report for 2014: https://t.co/xDFHqu56Bf [Original.]

Friday 07:48 · Courier, the secure, private news reader: https://t.co/XARgs6rLTb [Original.]

Friday 10:06 · I got a nifty full-cover decal to decorate my Mac: https://t.co/wK2B9OZ8E1 [Original.]

Friday 13:56 · Oh man, this is depressing; “Crypto Won’t Save You Either”: regmedia.co.uk/2014/05/16/0955_peter_gutmann.pdf Well, also funny. [Original.]

Friday 13:57 · @joshtpm I use multiple browsers to keep my personal, professional, and gaming lives separate. Not uncommon I think. [Original, responding to @joshtpm.]

Friday 14:03 · @nelson yer gonna get eye damage from that DecalGirl. Sheesh. [Original, responding to @nelson.]

Friday 16:58 · @neur0atypical It’s a PDF. [Original, responding to @neur0atypical.]

Friday 18:43 · The Apple/Google deal, while nice, seems fairly empty as long as Apple is still backing the bullshit Rockstar litigation. [Original.]

Friday 18:56 · Encryption doesn’t solve all the problems, but it helps. Encrypt ALL THE THINGS! https://t.co/qXO54Y0KX8 [Original.]

Saturday 09:51 · Looks like I need a 4K display for my 15" MBP. OS X is awfully good software. Pity about those apps. www.anandtech.com/show/8023/apple-releases-osx-10-9-3-improved-4k-display [Original.]

Saturday 10:33 · Fiddling with OpenKeychain… goal is a civilian-usable PKI UX that among other things never displays a hex number. [Original.]

Saturday 10:35 · @sgalineau The original XML WG never met, did it all by email & phone. [Original, responding to @sgalineau.]

Saturday 10:37 · @mykola www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/201x/2014/03/19/Keybase https://t.co/dGjK65R8hY [Original, responding to @mykola.]

Saturday 10:56 · @yotoen Thus, https://t.co/qXO54Y0KX8 - while (true) { expand the encrypted space; contract the plaintext space; } [Original, responding to @yotoen.]

Saturday 11:01 · RT @mathowie: I just published “Passwords aren’t broken at all” https://t.co/Ka0gY6C4av #GLAVIN [Original.]

Saturday 11:09 · @user24 It’s simpler than that; you’re anti-friction, anti-timewasting. [Original, responding to @user24.]

Saturday 11:11 · @mathowie Imagine if your laptop & phone & AWS could *share* your authentic status securely. *gasp* [Original, responding to @mathowie.]

Saturday 11:19 · RT @ftrain: look at this beautifulness jellobiafrasays.tumblr.com/ [Original.]

Saturday 19:35 · @BatsShadow link for more on that? Seems pretty good to me. [Original, responding to @BatsShadow.]

Saturday 22:52 · Based on the amusing Godzilla review in the NYorker (www.newyorker.com/arts/critics/cinema/2014/05/26/140526crci_cinema_lane), rented “Monsters”: www.amazon.com/s/?_encoding=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=390957&field-keywords=monsters%20gareth%20edwards&linkCode=ur2&rh=n%3A2625373011%2Ck%3Amonsters%20gareth%20edwards&sprefix=monsters%20gareth%20e%2Cmovies-tv%2C275&tag=ongoing-20&url=search-alias%3Dmovies-tv&linkId=KXF7LSYZOF7H2UP4 It’s great! [Original.]

Sunday 10:18 · RT @thereaIbanksy: #banksy [Original.]

Sunday 10:19 · Got purple if you want it: https://t.co/jqpTe9D0H4 [Original.]

Sunday 12:43 · Just had to repave Chrome. Clear all state, just like Windows in the old days. Bunch of icky rendering bugs went away. [Original.]

Sunday 12:50 · @codinghorror I delete thousands unread. Mailing lists where I’m interested in some topics but not others. [Original, responding to @codinghorror.]

Sunday 21:33 · Went to the Richmond Night Market. Food good, merchants so-so. Space is not nearly big enough for the number of people. [Original.]

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