Week ending Sunday 2014/05/04

Monday 01:00 · @dpawson more like a modern-camera fanboy... They're all so good. [Original, responding to @dpawson.]

Monday 07:43 · @dpawson not significantly different [Original, responding to @dpawson.]

Monday 11:59 · RT @authzero: Excited to announce our Board of Advisors @rauchg @timbray @dscape @stevec @gblock t.co/cOgxCAr… [Original.]

Monday 12:01 · I’m an advisor for Auth0: https://t.co/IeSHwdEE1o [Original.]

Monday 12:08 · @ncoghlan_dev Examples of non-proprietary SaaS? [Original, responding to @ncoghlan_dev.]

Monday 12:12 · @wycats tech community leadership clearly needs a diaspora. Not kidding at all. [Original, responding to @wycats.]

Monday 12:45 · An argument that the new Net neutrality moves are OK - talkingpointsmemo.com/cafe/behind-the-fcc-s-new-rules-on-two-lane-internet-speeds [Original.]

Monday 13:26 · @wycats @base10 What Yehuda said... it’s not clear Sand Hill Road is part of the solution. [Original, responding to @wycats.]

Monday 14:01 · @ncoghlan_dev OK, useful input; thanks. [Original, responding to @ncoghlan_dev.]

Monday 18:15 · @christophelkins Routed that to the right people. [Original, responding to @christophelkins.]

Monday 18:42 · Jeepers, what kind of bubble is @HillaryClinton living in? So uninformed on facts about Snowden: boingboing.net/2014/04/28/fact-checking-hillary-clinton.html [Original.]

Monday 19:36 · Are Pacific Northwest Waters Too Risky for Oil And Coal Ships? cliffmass.blogspot.ca/2014/04/are-pacific-northwest-waters-too-risky.html [Original.]

Monday 22:21 · Finally finished PIketty. Phew! It’s been reviewed to death, but not from a geek POV... [Original.]

Monday 22:30 · @KO not sure what to say. There’s no tl;dr. But it’s the most important book written this century. [Original, responding to @KO.]

Monday 23:12 · @glaforge Probably. [Original, responding to @glaforge.]

Tuesday 07:36 · @johndrinkwater The standard linux approach of using ~/.whatever seems reasonably sane to me [Original, responding to @johndrinkwater.]

Tuesday 08:19 · @tom_enebo Yeah, I meant internet/tech geek [Original, responding to @tom_enebo.]

Tuesday 10:12 · Wondering what’s happening when my airline web site works for 30 seconds between two routine steps of a flight-purchase transaction. [Original.]

Tuesday 11:29 · @chadfowler Clearly he rejects bourgeois patriarchal notions of major-vs-minor modes. [Original, responding to @chadfowler.]

Tuesday 12:27 · @bodil @chadfowler I *am* an Emacs joke. [Original, responding to @bodil.]

Tuesday 14:46 · About to do a rebase after considerable work and the upstream project got reorganized... what could possibly go wrong? [Original.]

Tuesday 14:46 · See you on the other side. [Original.]

Tuesday 14:48 · @brixen I’m a TDD bigot but have regularly failed to get it to work in my Android code. See https://t.co/trLmfiaXQ6 [Original, responding to @brixen.]

Tuesday 15:05 · IT WORKED!! *pounds chest* [Original.]

Tuesday 16:48 · @bryanl @brixen My argument is that TDD grows harder as the size of the API surface increases. GUIs have huge API surfaces :( [Original, responding to @bryanl.]

Tuesday 16:50 · How many sex-crime stories are gonna make you laugh out loud? ottawa.ctvnews.ca/ottawa-man-arrested-for-exposing-himself-in-a-park-1.1798220 [Original.]

Tuesday 16:52 · Speaking of having trouble controlling inner 12-year-old: https://t.co/xoYJ2Bo46J [Original.]

Tuesday 16:55 · Retro gamers: Come to Vancouver in August! evolutionofgaming.ca/ [Original.]

Tuesday 23:04 · @wfdobie Happy to talk, and you’re awfully close to Seattle too, which is auth0 world HQ. [Original, responding to @wfdobie.]

Wednesday 08:24 · @wfdobie Why don’t we sync by email, tbray@textuality.com [Original, responding to @wfdobie.]

Wednesday 10:33 · @cote Expensive and with a terrible UX. [Original, responding to @cote.]

Thursday 17:35 · Why yes, you can spend $11,000 on a prime lens: www.photozone.de/leicam/860-noctilux50asph [Original.]

Thursday 18:26 · @afalk An alternative is to use a modern camera that produces good images at ISO6400, with a good F1.4 prime for <$1K. [Original, responding to @afalk.]

Thursday 18:51 · @afalk Up until the arrival of the good mirrorlesses in the last year or two there was a case for Leica. No longer. [Original, responding to @afalk.]

Thursday 19:00 · @afalk Well, 3 differences are well-known: No telephoto, no auto-focus, and no useful ISO6400. [Original, responding to @afalk.]

Thursday 19:02 · @afalk I respect Leica’s ergonomics and wonderful lenses. But they need to modernize their tech a bit. [Original, responding to @afalk.]

Friday 01:44 · Everyone else reviewed Piketty, so why shouldn’t I? My review’s better because it has curated zingers: https://t.co/ifynMr0CRH [Original.]

Friday 08:28 · Just like everyone else, I reviewed Piketty. My review’s best because it has lotsa links & (Piketty’s) zingers: https://t.co/nn1wXMwnSY [Original.]

Friday 09:39 · Seen a good modern tintype recently? mpex-experience.com/2014/04/30/an-interview-with-tintype-photographer-giles-clement/ [Original.]

Friday 13:28 · iPad, WYSIWYG, and gender bias: https://t.co/svup5Fd1Fc [Original.]

Friday 13:45 · Hokay, Twitter is massively unconvinced on the gender-bias finding. Updated the post. [Original.]

Friday 13:46 · @tdtran @ID_AA_Carmack Android in particular; the devices come with all the notification options set to maximally-intrusive. [Original, responding to @tdtran.]

Friday 13:47 · @robertDouglass Tor? [Original, responding to @robertDouglass.]

Friday 13:50 · @robertDouglass Nope. [Original, responding to @robertDouglass.]

Friday 13:58 · @robertDouglass I suspect the latter. Maybe make a new Amazon account? Or maybe you’re using a non-US credit card? [Original, responding to @robertDouglass.]

Friday 16:25 · @robertDouglass A maze of twisty little passages... [Original, responding to @robertDouglass.]

Friday 16:37 · @FatboyReview Well, it is the Torygraph. Heath cites “peer-reviewed studies”. Piketty cites empirical measurements of the actual economy. [Original, responding to @FatboyReview.]

Friday 19:52 · RT @nicksahler: https://t.co/emWtRr9NZF [Original.]

Friday 20:13 · @nelson bah. Pflaumen müss. Seville orange marmalade. Rhubarb/lavender preserves. [Original, responding to @nelson.]

Saturday 08:19 · @ndw Fuji & Oly are excellent. I'd stay away from Sony, klunky ergonomics. X-T1 or OM-1, either will make you happy. [Original, responding to @ndw.]

Saturday 09:33 · @ndw I’m sure @n1vux is right. I’m in the Fujifilm tribe; check out the pix on the blog starting March 2013. [Original, responding to @ndw.]

Saturday 10:35 · On the alleged OAuth vulnerability: At the moment I think there’s no there there. https://t.co/ghM4qKV17V [Original.]

Saturday 10:35 · @SaraMote Pictures are a lousy income source. Code is a good one. Be visible, and network! Got a resume? [Original, responding to @SaraMote.]

Saturday 16:35 · Botanical fun with the new camera, part 1: https://t.co/WhplF7tSOY [Original.]

Sunday 09:56 · Hm... @SaraMote is looking for Web-building work. Is using Twitter for job-hunting a thing now? Doesn’t seem crazy. www.saramote.com/ [Original.]

Sunday 10:23 · The Big Picture May-Day collection: www.boston.com/bigpicture/2014/05/may_day_2014.html Oddly cheering. [Original.]

Sunday 11:00 · Sunday-morning thoughts on bokeh, with tulips: https://t.co/hGrZPBsUkr [Original.]

Sunday 11:06 · @seriouspony And then, video editing/production is such a world of hurt. [Original, responding to @seriouspony.]

Sunday 11:20 · YNet claims to have insider dump from Kerry aides on Isr/Pal peace talk breakdown: www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-4515821,00.html [Original.]

Sunday 11:36 · Not sure I 100% agree with this guy on Chromebooks, but the Led Zep metaphor is worth the price of admission: recode.net/2014/04/30/chromebooks-on-fire-the-coming-consumer-cloud-revolution/ [Original.]

Sunday 12:11 · @seriouspony Final Cut is OK, but I was discouraged by how lousy the compressed output video looked compared to the input. [Original, responding to @seriouspony.]

Sunday 12:12 · RT @NASCAR: Nicely done, @dogecoin. cc: @Josh_Wise @reddit #NASCAR #MuchDraft #VeryDega [Original.]

Sunday 15:07 · Why not set fire to a piano for fun? charles.robinsontwins.org/photos/2014/piano_fire/content/K5__9988_large.html charles.robinsontwins.org/photos/2014/piano_fire/content/K5__9998_large.html [Original.]

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