Two pairs of pictures that could only have been taken right here in my hometown.

City Hall · Its design is, admittedly, vaguely Stalinist; an effect relieved by the disorderly tree-filled jumble around it, and especially by the pink neon clock. I’ve seen a million pictures of it but never from this angle before.

Vancouver City Hall

Since the building is sort of monochrome I decided to try a B&W treatment of another shot, and it worked OK.

Vancouver City Hall (black & white)

Disclosure: The building has a flagpole and a radio antenna,
but I amputated them.

The harbour · It’s the reason Vancouver exists, so we should respect it. What happened was, I was out with an Ingress flash-farm posse, and I have to say it was really damn pleasant strolling around Waterfront Park with the sun setting, chatting with the people. That’s downtown across the way, Stanley Park on the right. I was sorting through the pix and couldn’t decide between these two so, bits being free-ish, here are both.

Looking south across Vancouver harbour
· · ·
Looking south across Vancouver harbour

I felt no urge to try B&W.

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