The name is a back-formation from “selfie”, obviously. Herewith four botanicals only conceivable in the season after winter.

First, a magnolia blossom emerging from its carapace; I didn’t open the shutters wide enough to blur out the background but it’s still kinda cute.

Emerging magnolia blossom

Next, a white camellia with red spots; not a terribly common flavor unless my Internet search results mislead me. Does anyone out there know what this kind is called?

Camellia blossom with red spots

Finally, Sakura; all sorts of focus problems but still, it made me happy to see them, and I hope it helps your mood too.

Sakura in Vancouver
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Sakura in Vancouver

We have just maybe survived this winter. Rejoice, that won’t always happen.


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From: dr2chase (Apr 07 2014, at 05:31)

Perhaps the camellia is virused?


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