Week ending Sunday 2014/03/30

Monday 10:25 · VC age-ism is a symptom. The underlying disease is that VCs want to fund people who don’t have lives. [Original.]

Monday 11:00 · @bradfitz Which email you want invite for? [Original, responding to @bradfitz.]

Monday 11:01 · @harper Usually it takes a while for invites to show up. Go ahead if you got ’em. [Original, responding to @harper.]

Monday 11:09 · RT @jakekorab: Korab's Law [Original.]

Monday 11:41 · Alleged tech-wage-fixing thing is amusing: (1) Hilarious smoking-gun emails (2) “Victims” are, uh, kinda overentitled already. [Original.]

Monday 15:14 · So, just fought through stackoverflow.com/questions/5784652/eclipse-invalid-project-description-when-creating-new-project-from-existing-so and stackoverflow.com/questions/16585315/cant-update-eclipse-adt-to-22 and stackoverflow.com/questions/9074189/unhandled-event-loop-exception-in-plugin-org-eclipse-ui #burnEclipseWithFire #thenPissOnIt [Original.]

Tuesday 13:19 · Another way to brighten up your day! [Original.]

Tuesday 18:33 · Wait, that Zuck “most social platform ever” quote wasn’t from The Onion?! [Original.]

Tuesday 19:17 · Why yes, my opinion of an organization is influenced by the views expressed by its designated leader. Is that wrong? [Original.]

Tuesday 22:48 · Just finished the @cstross re-spin of the “Merchant Princes” books. OMG. [Original.]

Tuesday 22:49 · Related; The most powerful weapon ever built, the B53: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/B53_nuclear_bomb [Original.]

Tuesday 22:55 · [I was wrong]: RT @bascule: @timbray I think it was this: https://t.co/OO9b8rwLRn [Original.]

Wednesday 07:53 · The @cstross “Merchant Princes” omnibus is a huge improvement on the originals: https://t.co/7bvwhBt3UH [Original.]

Wednesday 08:57 · @pdcawley I preferred the first. cf https://t.co/MQerzwIxJf and https://t.co/gzCzCRwWTn [Original, responding to @pdcawley.]

Wednesday 09:05 · @eranhammer Donating to a political campaign is, de jure and de facto, a public statement. [Original, responding to @eranhammer.]

Wednesday 23:46 · May have kerned that a bit too much. [Original.]

Wednesday 23:56 · Switched my 15" Retina MBP to 1920x1200. Perfectly legible once past the initial shock; and room for LOTS OF STUFF! [Original.]

Thursday 00:05 · @starbuxman Making business cards; my first name presents interesting kerning problems. [Original, responding to @starbuxman.]

Thursday 00:09 · @starbuxman You mean “T” and “i” don’t you? Using a dumbass Pages template; Pages only has “more” and “less” under “character spacing”. [Original, responding to @starbuxman.]

Thursday 00:19 · @samirnassar What they’re doing seems kinda useful to me. [Original, responding to @samirnassar.]

Thursday 00:38 · @starbuxman The T’s crossbar and the i’s dot are, well, let’s just say “It’s complicated.” [Original, responding to @starbuxman.]

Thursday 00:39 · @samirnassar If they can prove they own a Twitter handle and a Github identity, that feels pretty useful to me. [Original, responding to @samirnassar.]

Thursday 08:34 · One of these years will be the year when Doonesbury doesn’t come back from hiatus: dailyranger.com/story.php?story_id=11943 [Original.]

Thursday 09:05 · Today’s tab sweep links to a couple of the best things I’ve read in years: https://t.co/EFTNJTAVjS [Original.]

Thursday 17:50 · OH: “A bunch of Rails & Node developers in the Valley are defining now what Enterprise will want to buy down the road.” [Original.]

Thursday 18:27 · I updated LifeSaver for KitKat: https://t.co/bRoGxLK3lw Lesson: Android programming feels routine, these days. [Original.]

Thursday 20:58 · @fabulavancouver @mathewi bunch of kids [Original, responding to @fabulavancouver.]

Friday 09:17 · Made new biz cards w/ Pages & fancy snap-apart paper & basic HP printer. Look great! 10 at a time is OK, use in 2014 is rare but non-zero. [Original.]

Friday 09:55 · @Mpegg Paging the antitrust enforcers... [Original, responding to @Mpegg.]

Friday 12:50 · TIL about RAML, raml.org - on the fence about the idea. Why a new syntax? Looks YAML-ish, is it? Could easily be JSON. [Original.]

Friday 12:55 · @dhh WSDL was deeply broken, no self-consistency. I remember @nelson saying, 15 years ago: “I want a .h file for this HTTP service.” Hm.. [Original, responding to @dhh.]

Friday 12:56 · @dhh But yeah, I’m not convinced. Are there useful tooling opportunities? [Original, responding to @dhh.]

Friday 12:57 · @dhh Clearly you never actually tried to deal with WSDL; congratulations. [Original, responding to @dhh.]

Friday 13:01 · @dhh I kept wondering if there might’ve been something to the API-schema idea. But it was built on shit, XSD & WSDL, so tough to tell. [Original, responding to @dhh.]

Saturday 00:21 · Sitting up late reading Piketty, because apparently one must. Pretty compelling in the early going. [Original.]

Saturday 00:22 · @Richard_Kadrey That's beautiful. [Original, responding to @Richard_Kadrey.]

Saturday 08:54 · @raistdejesus Pages has many, pick the one you like then change it. [Original, responding to @raistdejesus.]

Saturday 12:58 · On choosing the right fish in Old Chinatown: https://t.co/7eecFjOcTr [Original.]

Saturday 17:01 · Really enjoying the #whitecapsfc / Houston game. Fast, lots of offence, good referees, divers not being rewarded. [Original.]

Sunday 09:45 · RT @PennyRed: After 3 days in bed unable to work, I have now watched all of the internet. Mixed feelings, but overall I liked it, especiall… [Original.]

Sunday 17:05 · O hai baseball. [Original.]

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