When you’re running your 15" Retina Mac in high-rez mode and you still don’t have room for all your tabs, you probably have a lifestyle problem. One solution is to publish the links, so if your don’t-kill-this-tab instinct turned out to be right, you have Internet Memory on your side.

Roger Angell · He’s been writing beautiful stories for The New Yorker for an insanely long time; This Old Man is what it’s like to be 93. Speaking as a male specimen of Homo sapiens rapidly approaching 60, one of my ambitions now is to be interesting as an old man, which Angell manifestly is. If you’re lucky enough to get there, this will become one of your ambitions too, so pay close attention. I would have to study for another hundred years to produce writing of such luminescent wonder. Seriously, this is the most beautiful thing I’ve read in years probably.

“Passwords feel like dandelions to me” · The excellent Gunnar Peterson, IMHO one of the best general-purpose security people, offers Sympathy for the Devil - Cormac Herley's Password Research. Which is to say, however much we hate passwords (and with good reason) they’re not going away. What then?

Oh, I guess we’re talking about identity now. In which case, I have to point out that while the biz/policy issues continue mostly horrible, the technology is in reasonably-sane shape; I offer as evidence Growing list of OpenID Connect libraries available. OIDC isn’t perfect but it’s pretty usable and with every new chunk of OSS that washes up on the shore, the cost and reliability move in a good direction.

Mobile vs Web, chapter 83742472 · The excellent David Megginson offers Mobile web app or web site? which I’m not gonna tl;dr because it’s pretty deep on the subject; go read it.

fork() considered harmful · I read back and forth through Stop using fork(). I mean it looking for the perfect soundbite, but there were too many of them. OK, I’ll pick one anyhow: “There are no shortcuts. None. There is nothing that abstracts the complexity away, because the use cases are all complex.”

Deep Enterprise Thinking · No, that’s not an oxymoron. I offer Benedict Evans’ Tablets, PCs and Office, which is seriously excellent.

Pure Evil · John Hempton is one of the great bloggers, once you grant that he’s plugging his longs and crapping on his shorts. Which is perfectly OK by me when you do it transparently and explain your long/short thinking.

But anyhow, Get your opiates for free: Capitalism meets the zombie apocalypse is really extraordinary. I quote: “Here is the pitch - which I believe as a matter of policy should be criminalized.” You want some pure evil? I think this would be pretty well it.

“Being different is lonely” · Clearly the horrible tangle of wrongness around the missing women in my profession isn’t going away any time soon; I wonder if other gender-imbalanced trades introspect as much as we’ve been lately? Anyhow, Jennifer Gilbert’s Software Engineering Made a Woman Outta Me is awfully good.

Not just wallpaper · One of my very favorite people in my time at Google was Roman Nurik; he’s just recently released Muzei, which seems an awesome piece of work. It’s got an API too, with some of the prettiest JavaDocs you’ll ever see. Roman’s recent Serendipitous ideas provides Muzei’s back story, and it’s worth reading for a flavor; here’s how someone who’s simultaneously talented at software and visual design thinks.


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From: JeromE (Mar 28 2014, at 05:13)

"Oh, I guess we’re talk­ing about iden­ti­ty now."

No, we may be talking about access control or credentials.

Please do not redirect all these to identity.


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