Week ending Sunday 2014/03/16

Monday 15:37 · Don’t know much about Fastly, but they just made some big-name hires: www.fastly.com/blog/fastly-welcomes-new-executive-team-hires?utm_source=Twitter&utm_medium=Social&utm_campaign=Twitter#.Ux4-ZuddUhw [Original.]

Monday 19:01 · @sayrer Well, it was actually *designed*. Also, tooling. [Original, responding to @sayrer.]

Tuesday 08:10 · Cryptocurrency-based identity is definitely meme o’ the day. [Original.]

Tuesday 10:41 · Hmm.... blockchain.info is down. #bitcoinpain [Original.]

Tuesday 19:02 · Proud to be part of the #web25 celebration: www.webat25.org/ [Original.]

Tuesday 19:28 · @Kasparov63 So you recommend starting a war? [Original, responding to @Kasparov63.]

Tuesday 19:35 · @Kasparov63 You think Putin will respond to reasonable talk? Haha. Sadly, the west has little economic leverage. [Original, responding to @Kasparov63.]

Tuesday 19:53 · @hirmes I now know about sips. Can’t use it because it has to work on my production Debian setup too. [Original, responding to @hirmes.]

Tuesday 21:07 · @JakeWharton ~/ 511> brew install pidcat Error: No available formula for pidcat Hm? [Original, responding to @JakeWharton.]

Tuesday 21:10 · @JakeWharton D’oh. I always thought logcat was supposed to do that but never figured it out. Very welcome, thanks! [Original, responding to @JakeWharton.]

Tuesday 21:42 · @willwilkinson Most of Northern Europe? [Original, responding to @willwilkinson.]

Tuesday 21:46 · Magsafe 2 is a step backward. Comes out unintentionally all the time. [Original.]

Tuesday 21:49 · @willwilkinson OK, let’s assume I’m wrong. I offer Canada; current govt hasn’t really managed to move the essential social-democracy needle. [Original, responding to @willwilkinson.]

Tuesday 21:50 · @willwilkinson my understanding of neo-liberalism involves considerable shredding of the social safety net. [Original, responding to @willwilkinson.]

Tuesday 21:56 · @willwilkinson Greece is trying to be. [Original, responding to @willwilkinson.]

Tuesday 22:01 · @willwilkinson I suspect conservatives are right that the safety net is hard to shred, absent catastrophic circumstances. [Original, responding to @willwilkinson.]

Tuesday 22:19 · @willwilkinson Not sure the term “neo-liberal” is helpful these days. [Original, responding to @willwilkinson.]

Wednesday 07:05 · @stshank 1TB surely? [Original, responding to @stshank.]

Wednesday 08:09 · Today is the Web’s 25th birthday! #web25 HQ: www.webat25.org/ My little contribution: https://t.co/SsRHb9Vnns [Original.]

Wednesday 08:26 · NSA: “If we can get the target to visit us in some sort of web browser, we can probably own them” https://t.co/Qgm4ePUWVO [Original.]

Wednesday 09:50 · @dhh They really truly are convinced they’re protecting you and me from these awful bad people. [Original, responding to @dhh.]

Wednesday 12:50 · @falcon_android hm, don’t see falcon pro in play store, sup? [Original, responding to @falcon_android.]

Wednesday 12:52 · @falcon_android version on getfalcon.pro different/better? [Original, responding to @falcon_android.]

Wednesday 16:39 · @tenderlove huh, it’s easy to get the impression that it is, people see “the response body is the 3rd element”. [Original, responding to @tenderlove.]

Wednesday 21:17 · @daeaves Would love to get one but no rational case can be made no matter how hard one tries [Original, responding to @daeaves.]

Thursday 09:25 · Grmf. JSON isn’t actually a subset of JavaScript. timelessrepo.com/json-isnt-a-javascript-subset [Original.]

Thursday 11:58 · Retina in practice: https://t.co/eHlvTEd5l2 [Original.]

Thursday 12:20 · @DwightGunning Don’t use the mac outside much, haven’t at all yet. So far the reflections haven’t been a prob [Original, responding to @DwightGunning.]

Thursday 12:44 · Today's stats: My Twitter account's value increased by $29.70 to $28,303.20. Automatically checked by WhatIsMyTwitterWorth.com [Original.]

Thursday 12:49 · Crap, WhatIsMyTwitterWorth just posted automatically without asking. They suck. [Original.]

Thursday 14:47 · I just typed “4k monitor” into t.co/JmBt6RYtIc. The prices are all over the map, e.g. $499 from Seiki and $2928 from Asus. [Original.]

Thursday 15:49 · From January: No good 4K outboard monitor options - www.tested.com/tech/pcs/459878-dude-dont-get-dell-4k-monitor/ [Original.]

Thursday 16:02 · More on external 4k from @marcoarment and @anandshimpi: www.marco.org/2014/03/12/anandtech-4k-improvements I’d really like to see 3840x2160 on a good >=30" screen. [Original.]

Thursday 21:13 · RT @ebruchez: @timbray I just wrote about why I returned the Seiki blog.bruchez.name/2014/03/why-i-am-returning-my-seiki-39-4k.html [Original.]

Thursday 21:14 · @anandshimpi From Apple, you mean? [Original, responding to @anandshimpi.]

Thursday 21:36 · @defrag CEOs are boring. They can’t possibly surprise the audience. Also, is that list ever white. [Original, responding to @defrag.]

Thursday 21:39 · When I said I’d like to see 3840x2160 @≥30", I mean’t I’d actually like to *see* one, sit in front of it. [Original.]

Thursday 21:40 · RT @estherschindler: For when everything is going wrong make-everything-ok.com/ [Original.]

Thursday 21:45 · @mathewi A wonderful, brilliant, pop song, you didn’t say. [Original, responding to @mathewi.]

Thursday 21:46 · @mreinhold Wow, I thought I was alone, never managed to come out and just say it. [Original, responding to @mreinhold.]

Thursday 22:04 · @jobsworth BBC did a pretty good documentary on how they tear down & refit the 747s every decade to keep ’em flying. [Original, responding to @jobsworth.]

Friday 00:19 · HTML9 Responsive Boilerstrap JS; the future, I think: html9responsiveboilerstrapjs.com/ [Original.]

Friday 00:31 · If hating this is wrong, I don’t want to be right. }); }); } }; }); from https://t.co/s3tWyh8tyM [Original.]

Friday 00:31 · RT @williamheath: RIP Tony Benn. What a guy. www.theguardian.com/politics/2014/mar/14/tony-benn-dies-aged-88-labour-politiican?CMP=twt_gu HT everyone [Original.]

Friday 00:46 · Pi day can go play in traffic. Tau day FTW: tauday.com/ [Original.]

Friday 08:00 · RT @samruby: @timbray Perhaps you would like this better? :-) intertwingly.net/blog/2014/03/14/Angular-rb-example [Original.]

Friday 09:19 · More HTTP status code 451 adoption: qz.com/187928/20-million-reasons-the-kremlin-just-blocked-a-bunch-of-opposition-websites/ [Original.]

Friday 11:20 · Diary of a month without devices: chetchat.blogspot.ca/2014/03/a-month-without-devices-diary.html [Original.]

Friday 11:23 · @pkedrosky Clearly you have insufficient insight... I thought the message was perfectly clear. [Original, responding to @pkedrosky.]

Friday 11:26 · Newsblur on The Year After Reader: blog.newsblur.com/post/79491002325/google-reader-announced-its-shutdown-exactly-a-year-ago [Original.]

Friday 12:09 · @joeclark Fair enough criticizing my typography, but I’d have expected you to distinguish Verdana & Tisa https://t.co/6ieD7rnExi [Original, responding to @joeclark.]

Friday 13:35 · @mnot Dunno about Toronto. I suppose I should do that, although IETF resistance doesn’t seem to be discouraging adoption. [Original, responding to @mnot.]

Friday 15:17 · Well, that’s interesting: www.ntia.doc.gov/press-release/2014/ntia-announces-intent-transition-key-internet-domain-name-functions tl;dr: US govt maybe releasing control of Internet infrastructure. [Original.]

Friday 16:44 · @lrz tbray@textuality.com [Original, responding to @lrz.]

Friday 17:08 · Since I’m about to be unemployed, who’ll pay me to go to Rio and blog the World Cup? [Original.]

Friday 17:11 · Ahem: https://t.co/GMvGTPwA4l and https://t.co/VRPcuKE8wc [Original.]

Friday 18:51 · @ftrain @avibryant @mat To the mattresses against Gell-Mann amnesia. [Original, responding to @ftrain.]

Friday 22:06 · @colbycosh That guy was pretty forgettable. [Original, responding to @colbycosh.]

Friday 22:10 · RT @jzawodn: when in doubt, start with a minimal, fresh debian network install... [Original.]

Saturday 08:48 · @kenhorn @cpswan Mirrorlesses are excellent these days. Fujifilm X series & Olympus OM series in particular. [Original, responding to @kenhorn.]

Saturday 09:15 · The new marketing plan is in! www.newyorker.com/online/blogs/shouts/2014/03/good-meeting.html [Original.]

Saturday 11:13 · @bradfitz The hookers who cater to “specialized tastes” use the back door I guess. [Original, responding to @bradfitz.]

Saturday 13:16 · @c_pruett Haven't figured that out yet. [Original, responding to @c_pruett.]

Saturday 20:13 · @c_pruett Maybe the Knight needs a weibo? [Original, responding to @c_pruett.]

Saturday 20:19 · @perreaux You need to know 50+ years of history to know why that’s surprising, and I bet a lot of those kids don’t. [Original, responding to @perreaux.]

Sunday 09:59 · I just republished https://t.co/P68VsPiVf0 with a bunch of changes that *should* be invisible. Anyone see breakage? [Original.]

Sunday 10:06 · @NihilSineLabor Thanks! [Original, responding to @NihilSineLabor.]

Sunday 11:29 · Hyphenation lessons: https://t.co/c06bfj3cFj (Of interest to Web/publishing geeks only). [Original.]

Sunday 11:58 · First-rate erudite utf-8 rant from tcrist in 1st answer: https://t.co/rEAikXCdC4 [Original.]

Sunday 13:23 · @IBBoard OK, thanks, better make it ­ [Original, responding to @IBBoard.]

Sunday 13:27 · @IBBoard Fixed I think [Original, responding to @IBBoard.]

Sunday 13:28 · Had to change ­ to ­ to make the XML tools happy; thanks to @IBBoard for the catch. [Original, responding to @IBBoard.]

Sunday 13:31 · @BR3NDA That would be one of them “HTML entities”. [Original, responding to @BR3NDA.]

Sunday 14:01 · Bad, BAD dog! www.liveleak.com/view?i=bb5_1394936283 [Original.]

Sunday 14:12 · @nelson Back in the day, it was the first best answer for almost any text-wrangling problem. [Original, responding to @nelson.]

Sunday 14:15 · @nelson Now that I’m an unemployed bum I could do a rewrite.... [Original, responding to @nelson.]

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