Week ending Sunday 2014/03/09

Monday 02:39 · @adrahon Dunno, Internet of Things snake oil is up there... [Original, responding to @adrahon.]

Monday 04:43 · OpenID Connect launched last week. I think that’s a big deal, here’s why: https://t.co/eGDijxfwVd [Original.]

Monday 04:51 · @abrahamvegh Solved some problems for Google and T. [Original, responding to @abrahamvegh.]

Tuesday 04:47 · @dhh people who *built* that crap were smart! But didn't actually understand the web. Few did in the 90s. [Original, responding to @dhh.]

Tuesday 07:00 · @cyspio Drat, I added Ruby, Go, Clojure, and Scala to Crockford’s list, forgot ObjC. Mea culpa. [Original, responding to @cyspio.]

Tuesday 08:37 · Interesting stuff I saw last week at Mobile World Congress: https://t.co/raBIzjGlYJ [Original.]

Wednesday 03:04 · I woke up this morning, threw out the whole #QCon talk I was going to give tonight, and rewrote it. Hadn’t planned that. [Original.]

Thursday 07:42 · About to hear from @bodil [Original.]

Thursday 08:00 · So, @bodil is demo-ing functional reactive programming by printing My Little Ponies on a photo of @dhh. [Original.]

Thursday 08:20 · IETF revised the JSON spec. There’s actually some useful stuff in the new RFC7159: https://t.co/tE1Bk3813R [Original.]

Thursday 16:29 · @gp3dr0 I-JSON is possible next step for IETF JSON WG, we’ll see. [Original, responding to @gp3dr0.]

Friday 05:46 · @gregyoung @asbjornu @bitworking @dehora @mnot @samruby @sayrer I’m not sure there are enough implementations to make it worthwhile. [Original, responding to @gregyoung.]

Friday 06:01 · @gregyoung @asbjornu @bitworking @dehora @mnot @samruby @sayrer Who are "we"? [Original, responding to @gregyoung.]

Friday 16:40 · Winding how much HSBC spent carpet-bombing every airplane ramp in the world with arm-wavey platitudes? [Original.]

Friday 21:31 · On new mac I typed "sudo brew install mysql" and now when I type "sudo mysqld_safe" it goes up in smoke. Bad, *BAD* home-brew. [Original.]

Friday 21:43 · . @axfelix Oops, you're right, I just did "brew install mysql", no sudo on that [Original, responding to @axfelix.]

Saturday 10:33 · Size comparo: Fuji X-E1 and (Chris Chabot’s) Sony a7R. twitpic.com/dxqcrj [Original.]

Saturday 10:39 · Getting wildly uneven line spacing in OS X Emacs provoked by presence of non-ASCII characters like “ and ’. New behaviour? [Original.]

Saturday 10:43 · @matthewlmcclure Not an option if you care about how what you’re writing looks. [Original, responding to @matthewlmcclure.]

Saturday 10:52 · @psanford inconsolata, but same prob with Monaco [Original, responding to @psanford.]

Saturday 10:56 · @matthewlmcclure screenie www.tbray.org/tmp/emacs-lines.png gist https://t.co/4QqLQJuJsQ [Original, responding to @matthewlmcclure.]

Saturday 11:00 · @bleything I downloaded mine in a .dmg but they claim it’s a pure build. Just changed computers, wonder if it’s a Retina display artifact? [Original, responding to @bleything.]

Saturday 11:02 · @bleything Monaco too. Couple other tweeters say they’re seeing it, so guess it’s an Emacs thing. [Original, responding to @bleything.]

Saturday 11:02 · @bleything Interesting thing is, I wasn’t seeing it till I switched to a new retina mac. [Original, responding to @bleything.]

Saturday 11:06 · @matthewlmcclure hey, how do you turn on those dots-for-spaces? Hm, I’m on 24.3.1, I wonder if .50.1 makes a diff? [Original, responding to @matthewlmcclure.]

Saturday 11:09 · @matthewlmcclure Switching to monaco makes the effect much less dramatic. But I see it in your screenie. [Original, responding to @matthewlmcclure.]

Saturday 11:40 · @matthewlmcclure Inconsolata [Original, responding to @matthewlmcclure.]

Saturday 12:09 · On setting up a new Mac in 2014: https://t.co/vugi045jBN [Original.]

Saturday 12:10 · The only Apple app I’m using on my new Mac is Preview. Is that weird? [Original.]

Saturday 12:25 · Oh yeah, Terminal too. [Original.]

Saturday 12:27 · The advantages of iTerm never really spoke to me. I don’t use tabs, I have loads of Terminal windows. [Original.]

Saturday 12:36 · @lrz gmail [Original, responding to @lrz.]

Saturday 13:41 · @matthewlmcclure So quite possibly a nightly would make my problem go away... [Original, responding to @matthewlmcclure.]

Saturday 18:38 · @gvanrossum Tasty! I hear that people are representing money in JavaScript numbers... I’m *sure* they know what they’re doing #notreally [Original, responding to @gvanrossum.]

Saturday 18:54 · wow. so drops. many wet. #vancouver [Original.]

Saturday 18:56 · RT @DanHannanMEP: This is so true: [Original.]

Saturday 19:27 · @Richard_Kadrey For example, Peter Jackson! I’d pay. [Original, responding to @Richard_Kadrey.]

Saturday 19:50 · Cats stealing dog beds: https://t.co/vANQ8SYc1d Never change, Internet. #happyending. [Original.]

Sunday 07:29 · @adymitruk The Sony is. [Original, responding to @adymitruk.]

Sunday 10:56 · On my new retina mac, all the fonts in Chrome seem slightly too large... haven’t figured how to dial ’em back just right yet. [Original.]

Sunday 12:18 · Considering how to punish Peter Jackson for the execrable “Desolation of Smaug”: https://t.co/FsYUZ0uzYq [Original.]

Sunday 13:23 · Wouldn’t surprise me if Bitcoin collapsed, but it keeps on not happening. Hmm... [Original.]

Sunday 13:25 · Figuring out which conferences to do in 2014. #OSCON is the only 100% confirmed. [Original.]

Sunday 13:35 · @circlejtp Not a bad idea. Long expensive travel haul for me, though. Hmm [Original, responding to @circlejtp.]

Sunday 14:12 · @dgreen Nice thing about the mobile space is people are negative on the sprawling-dependencies thing. Nobody seems to care on server side. [Original, responding to @dgreen.]

Sunday 14:20 · @jzawodn Hm, looks decent, hadn’t crossed my radar. [Original, responding to @jzawodn.]

Sunday 14:33 · @BWJones Sorta weird that the RAWs aren’t supported, same sensor as X-E2 (and isomorphic to other X-cams too I think) [Original, responding to @BWJones.]

Sunday 14:42 · @BWJones I’m generally OK with Lightroom, but competition is good. [Original, responding to @BWJones.]

Sunday 16:04 · @pattibacchus Stroll down to Harbour Air and ask a favour of a pilot? [Original, responding to @pattibacchus.]

Sunday 16:12 · @avi4now That’s in the Glue/Defrag series, right? A class act. [Original, responding to @avi4now.]

Sunday 16:15 · BIG wide-angle shots with a teeny camera: https://t.co/TeqRYEgRgn [Original.]

Sunday 16:29 · Gare du Nord, Paris. [Original.]

Sunday 19:14 · @independentid Proportion of software that is OSS increases monotonically. As for stds, same as always. [Original, responding to @independentid.]

Sunday 20:33 · Wondering if anyone’s done a poll on which resolution people with 15" Retina MBP’s run their screens at. [Original.]

Sunday 20:56 · I switched from the native half-rez 1440x900, to 1680x1050 on a trial basis; can get *tons* more on the screen. [Original.]

Sunday 21:07 · @BWJones I've been presbyopic for a decade or more, that reso no prob with decent reading glasses. [Original, responding to @BWJones.]

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