Week ending Sunday 2014/03/02

Tuesday 02:20 · At MWC, which is to say business-land. Nothing wrong with that. [Original.]

Tuesday 03:08 · Open an anonymous browser on https://t.co/AjQQZAbbIH and do a View Source. [Original.]

Tuesday 04:28 · @lrz me wearing a suit definitely didn't happen [Original, responding to @lrz.]

Tuesday 04:35 · Wow, excellent: [Original.]

Tuesday 09:58 · @dierken A couple, and talking to people [Original, responding to @dierken.]

Tuesday 09:58 · @nelson Yeah, that’s why I used an anon browser to see the acq weirdness. [Original, responding to @nelson.]

Tuesday 10:06 · @dierken I’m gonna tour a bunch of the stands on Thursday too, might see you there. My thing tomorrow is at WIPJam at Montjuic. [Original, responding to @dierken.]

Wednesday 06:22 · RT @rodburns: Entertaining session with @timbray #mwc14 #wipjam [Original.]

Wednesday 06:25 · More on those nasty things I said about the Bay Area: https://t.co/PhAyUvxDQc [Original.]

Wednesday 06:34 · @evanpro Fixed, thanks. [Original, responding to @evanpro.]

Wednesday 07:05 · If Bitcoin manages to bounce back & prosper, today’s gleeful obituaryists are gonna look like doofuses. No predictions from me. [Original.]

Wednesday 16:09 · @jtauber Another Aussie tragically weakened by inability to deal with the letter “R”. (Bohr doesn’t rhyme with saw in the new world). [Original, responding to @jtauber.]

Thursday 10:16 · 4K is for programmers: tiamat.tsotech.com/4k-is-for-programmers [Original.]

Thursday 11:25 · Can a modern phonecam do “street”? Evidence from the Barcelona subway: https://t.co/D2r7Id3y97 [Original.]

Thursday 12:40 · Phone will self-destruct if tampered with? Lame, I want one that blows the tamperer’s hands off. arstechnica.com/information-technology/2014/02/boeings-black-this-android-phone-will-self-destruct/ [Original.]

Thursday 13:23 · @fakedansavage What does the Easter Bunny think? Equally relevant. [Original, responding to @fakedansavage.]

Thursday 13:26 · @juliaferraioli It’s what everyone’s wearing. [Original, responding to @juliaferraioli.]

Friday 11:02 · Really good global-warming FAQ from the UK Royal Society & US National Academy of Sciences: [Original.]

Friday 13:27 · Buttercoin looks interesting: https://t.co/vca7GL4280 [Original.]

Friday 21:59 · @kragen Maybe. Sent me an email [Original, responding to @kragen.]

Saturday 00:10 · TGV, Barcelona to Paris... allons! [Original.]

Saturday 01:49 · Wow, the Orange SIM I bought for €20 in Spain is working like a champ in France now. #livinginthefuture [Original.]

Saturday 10:18 · @alexismp Juste en transit, 1 heure 😛 [Original, responding to @alexismp.]

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