Granville Island market I mean, a nice place in Vancouver, particularly on a sunny Sunday in October, Canadian-Thanksgiving weekend.

In among the merchants there are buskers, mostly good; this sharp-dressing dude has been singing sentimental tunes in French for years there, not always with a backdrop this good.

Busker at Granville Island with False Creek in the background

Inside the Children’s Market, there’s a store with kites and stuffies.

In the Children’s Market at Granville Island

Here are some more photos of the market in general and the kite store in particular from 2008, taken with my short-lived and difficult Ricoh GX-100 which nonetheless took some good pictures for me.

The quality of the produce at the Island is, to be frank, not up there with what you can get at a decent organic-focused supermarket, but the variety and quantity are excellent and you can’t beat the visuals.

Produce stand at Granville Island Market

In recent years the food highlight has been Oyama Sausage Co (vegans: Stay away!) which has lots of fancy meats and cheeses I’ve never heard of but can still recommend. For example, tonight’s dinner was Oyama’s “Persian cherry chicken sausage” and it was pretty darn good, browned then roasted, with an unoaked Chilean Chardonnay.

This picture is deceiving, because it suggests space and there isn’t any, typically there are throngs and you must shoulder your way through for a view of the goods and to take a number and wait your turn.

Shoppers at Oyama Sausage Co.

[Disclosure: I’m married to one of the women in that picture.]

The pictures above are the Fuiifilm X-E1, and with a mere 18-55 zoom not a gemlike Fujinon prime either. Nicely image-stabilized, I have to say.

My 7-year-old daughter was along, so I issued her the RX100 II. She doesn’t let the klunky ergonomics or dorky menus bother her, she just points and zooms and shoots; for example, like so.

Oyama Sausage Co. stall at Granville Island market

Gosh, that looks nice; enlarge it and check out the bacon-in-waiting background. She thought so too and zoomed in:

Oyama Sausage Co. stall at Granville Island market

Are those great-looking garlics or what?

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