Week ending Sunday 2013/09/29

Monday 00:15 · @Skud 4 (incl baldness) [Original, responding to @Skud.]

Monday 00:17 · @Skud you want details? Plaid shirt, multipocket canvas vest, beard, chrome dome. [Original, responding to @Skud.]

Monday 00:23 · @Skud Visible chest hair depending on shirt. Otherwise pants/shoes generic. #OMGgendercrisis Wait! Very masculine hats, fedora/cowboy/etc [Original, responding to @Skud.]

Monday 00:24 · @Skud BTW you’re winning. [Original, responding to @Skud.]

Monday 00:37 · @hypatiadotca @Skud OMG crisis intensifying. OK, granted, fedoras adapt as signifiers to the genders wearing them. [Original, responding to @hypatiadotca.]

Monday 00:39 · @Skud It’s 12:37 AM here, not wearing any. But most recently taken off: Zero-gender-signal mostly-brown hikers by Zamberlan. [Original, responding to @Skud.]

Monday 00:40 · @Skud You have an essay to write now methinks. [Original, responding to @Skud.]

Monday 00:53 · @Skud It’s geographical… somewhat less so in the outdoorsy Pacific-Northwest. But yeah, you can *choose* obviously-gendered versions. [Original, responding to @Skud.]

Monday 08:53 · @richardalcock @bgaute @feedly Hm, I twiddled the feed last week to take out some of the aggressive relative-URI magic. [Original, responding to @richardalcock.]

Monday 09:09 · @bgaute @feedly @richardalcock I think I just fixed the problem. [Original, responding to @bgaute.]

Monday 09:22 · Wow, serious litigation against fake-review buyers & sellers: www.nytimes.com/2013/09/23/technology/give-yourself-4-stars-online-it-might-cost-you.html [Original.]

Monday 09:42 · @bgaute @feedly @richardalcock It looked OK to me, but I made all the <link> URIs absolute not relative just to be sure. [Original, responding to @bgaute.]

Monday 13:10 · @mathewi Actually, throwing weev in jail is good for lots of people that he won’t be able to attack. Doesn’t mean it’s not a legal botch. [Original, responding to @mathewi.]

Monday 13:11 · @jack Truthfulness & lies. [Original, responding to @jack.]

Monday 16:29 · “When a person signs into an app, that’s a transaction, and value is exchanged. Who comes out ahead?” [Original.]

Monday 19:26 · Sort of lame but a few snickers. Things are somehow different in Canada: themetapicture.com/things-are-somehow-different-in-canada/ [Original.]

Monday 20:16 · @BWJones hm? Details? Sounds like something I get paid to worry about. [Original, responding to @BWJones.]

Monday 20:30 · @BWJones this iOS or Android? [Original, responding to @BWJones.]

Monday 23:08 · sudo find Internet | xargs grep -l '<h\d>[^<]*\d+\s+[tT]hings' | xargs rm -rf [Original.]

Monday 23:20 · People tell me Alt-J are good… but such icy control. Also, musicians should have facial expressions. [Original.]

Tuesday 00:04 · @jdub It’s OK, we can rebuild it. Pissed about the misplaced sudo, I looked at that incantation for 5 min before posting :( [Original, responding to @jdub.]

Tuesday 00:19 · NSA hiring Civil Liberties & Privacy Officer. Also, Saudi Arabia hiring CCO (Chief Christian Officer). [Original.]

Tuesday 09:03 · DPR RX100 ii review says same thing I did; Takes great pix but shooting isn’t fun: www.dpreview.com/reviews/sony-cybershot-dsc-rx100-m2/ [Original.]

Tuesday 13:13 · @AdrienneTanner That’s some serious ugliness there. [Original, responding to @AdrienneTanner.]

Tuesday 15:16 · Chrome cert security cranking up: [Original.]

Tuesday 16:43 · @telcodud I suspect TouchID may win on convenience. (@counternotions is among my most loyal readers.) [Original, responding to @counternotions.]

Tuesday 19:00 · Mmmmm Driftwood Brewing Sartori Harvest IPA nom nom nom. [Original.]

Tuesday 19:09 · Interesting ballgame in St Louis. Check the line score. [Original.]

Tuesday 19:13 · @dturkenk I respect certain traditions. [Original, responding to @dturkenk.]

Tuesday 19:25 · So sad. [Original.]

Tuesday 21:43 · RT @b6n: It's no wonder people fuck up session cookie handling in new and exciting ways. Shit is complex. [Original.]

Tuesday 21:46 · Argh… I ordered one of the first Canada LTE N7’s and it’s hung up in Canada customs. “Not in our systems yet” or something…. [Original.]

Tuesday 21:48 · “Fire OS” A burning platform, but in a *good* way. [Original.]

Tuesday 22:44 · I try not to use the colon (punctuation mark I mean), because it’s pompous; it says “Listen to me now”. [Original.]

Tuesday 23:22 · @tedneward Yep. It just says “hold on a moment”. [Original, responding to @tedneward.]

Wednesday 07:12 · Myst launched 20 years ago yesterday - https://t.co/n9rr0Ya0W5 [Original.]

Wednesday 10:16 · Giving a general-overview-of-everything talk this Friday at Langara college, drop on by: www.langara.bc.ca/news-and-events/events-calendar/130927-tim-bray-meetup.html [Original.]

Wednesday 13:32 · Maybe the last Federation-Conversation piece. FC8: On Trust [Original.]

Wednesday 13:43 · @pigsonthewing Ewww… format conversion. Couldn’t you just put up a web site we can talk into? More likely to get quality results that way. [Original, responding to @pigsonthewing.]

Thursday 08:10 · I tend to optimism rather than cynicism, but this is some really good cynicism: nihoncassandra.blogspot.ca/2013/09/another-one-bites-dust-v30.html [Original.]

Thursday 10:52 · RT @jyhsu: “This is what the “Silicon Valley bubble” means” by @cath_stevens https://t.co/7nYTgjxqEg [Original.]

Thursday 17:06 · Argh Samsung ships Android device with DVD-like region encoding. THE STUPID IT BURNS: www.theregister.co.uk/2013/09/26/travel_much_dont_buy_a_samsung_galaxy_note_3/ [Original.]

Thursday 22:58 · If you’re within 12 hours or less of travel from www.rubyworld-conf.org/en/ you should seriously consider going. [Original.]

Friday 09:40 · Hah, I ♥ functional programming but “tail recursion optimization” is a big fat lie: xkcd.com/1270/ & www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/200x/2009/10/27/Recur [Original.]

Friday 09:44 · Hah, Google is 15 today, and GNU is 30. Best wishes to the two big G’s: [Original.]

Friday 17:07 · @Capncavedan Lots of arguments pro & con: https://t.co/43mTa2UaIZ [Original, responding to @Capncavedan.]

Friday 21:12 · Via JWZ, an article about CPU design that made my wife complain my laughing was shaking the sofa. https://t.co/XVtOJApNtt [Original.]

Saturday 11:57 · Wow... just glanced at US politics. Republicans are really gonna shut down the govt over Obamacare?!? [Original.]

Saturday 13:02 · @Immoral_Compass yep [Original, responding to @Immoral_Compass.]

Saturday 17:59 · @knewter @dartdog Perfectly legal of course.What matters is how the politics play out. [Original, responding to @knewter.]

Saturday 19:59 · RT @fraserspeirs: “I wanted a flying car and all I got was a way for the entire planet to communicate instantly via massively powerful pock… [Original.]

Sunday 15:29 · What Marco said; There is mostly no $ in mobile app sales: www.marco.org/2013/09/28/underscore-price-dynamics [Original.]

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