Vancouver I mean, of course. We’re big on trees, and growing, so it’s hard to take a picture without one or the other.

What happened was, we were at a rooftop barbecue more or less at the center of this map; the area is called “False Creek Flats”, a label I love. It’s mostly empty space on the map north of where we were, which however isn’t empty in the slightest.

Vancouver’s False Creek flats, under construction

There’s a lot happening here. I’d like to draw your attention to:

  • The new brewery under construction in the foreground; Red Truck Beer, and some of their beers aren’t bad.

  • The Red-Truck red truck down at the bottom of the picture.

  • Just slightly behind it at extreme right, the front of an old Greyhound bus which has been there for a long time and in which someone apparently lives; they’ve got a little picnic area set up.

  • A fairly large deciduous tree.

  • Some greenery at the extreme right. In this mostly-industrial wasteland, there’s this little green gulley over which policy wars are being waged because it’s apparently the remnant of Vancouver’s original “Brewery creek”; more or less all of our other creeks have long since been paved over. Sad, really.

  • Back and to the left, rising against the mountains, the huge red container-wrangling cranes. That’d be the neighborhood featuring prominently in the climax of William Gibson’s Spook Country.

  • Behind them, the mountains. Lots of trees, I mean really lots, over there.

  • In between, the harbor, but you can’t see it.

So, the party went on for a while and the sun started to set.

Looking west from False Creek Flats

Trees and cranes, baby.

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