Week ending Sunday 2013/09/01

Monday 08:42 · Cottage Life XXVI - Driftscapes: [Original.]

Monday 10:02 · @AllysonMcGrane Congrats! [Original, responding to @AllysonMcGrane.]

Monday 10:15 · RT @wingedpig: Picking on Yahoo is (still) easy and not especially satisfying. I want them to be better. [Original.]

Monday 10:38 · It’s easy to over-interpret the flow of LinkedIn friend requests. Still, interesting… [Original.]

Monday 14:28 · OAuth token-revocation spec now RFC 7009. More pieces falling into place: tools.ietf.org/html/rfc7009 [Original.]

Monday 15:18 · Anyone figured out an easy way to work around and hook Persona up to AccountChooser? [Original.]

Monday 15:39 · Feedly asked me for $45. I’m not sure what it buys me, but I paid, because I want to pay someone to do a good job of feed wrangling. [Original.]

Monday 22:42 · RT @BLAH_CITY: Now no one will know Vancouver wore a white tuxedo to grad. maisonneuve.org/post/2012/10/17/ode-eyesore-transformation-vancouver-eatons-buildi/ [Original.]

Tuesday 08:15 · Java is the new Assembler. Except for on the browser, where jQuery is the new Assembler. [Original.]

Tuesday 11:11 · Something to bear in mind as people consider military options for Syria: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Casualties_of_the_Iraq_War [Original.]

Tuesday 14:13 · @photomatt Oops, following, sorry. But twbray at www.google.com/ [Original, responding to @photomatt.]

Tuesday 14:20 · Facebook offered data in response to 44% of Canadian govt requests, which is on the low side. [Original.]

Tuesday 15:26 · @cpswan Yep [Original, responding to @cpswan.]

Tuesday 16:51 · The CODE keyboard; so glad someone like Jeff, who cares enough, exists: www.codinghorror.com/blog/2013/08/the-code-keyboard.html Whether or not it’s actually any good. [Original.]

Tuesday 16:51 · Favorite outtake from CODE keyboard blurb: “All this and more can be configured via a row of DIP switches on the back of the keyboard.” [Original.]

Tuesday 19:39 · @aphoenix Get used to it. *sighs* [Original, responding to @aphoenix.]

Tuesday 22:31 · @DamonLindelof It’s been sunny for months. I blame you for the rain. [Original, responding to @DamonLindelof.]

Wednesday 07:08 · @joshuatopolsky Grrrrr https://t.co/AtyosIYkLN [Original, responding to @joshuatopolsky.]

Wednesday 09:03 · The OED documents what English words are actually used, whether or not @waltmossberg approves of them. Descriptive not prescriptive. [Original.]

Wednesday 09:49 · @lobrien Well, but i’s a wonderful thing to be a citizen of a living language. [Original, responding to @lobrien.]

Wednesday 10:00 · @lobrien The value of the OED is that it has deterministic procedures regarding how much evidence is required to say “yes”. [Original, responding to @lobrien.]

Wednesday 11:54 · @lloydhilaiel And now I’m looking for the equivalent in Persona :) [Original, responding to @lloydhilaiel.]

Wednesday 12:50 · @acoyne Because they take the trouble to research and document what is, in fact, going. This is a major contribution. [Original, responding to @acoyne.]

Wednesday 12:50 · @acoyne Lots of useful obvious-in-the-rearview things start out as ignorant mistakes. [Original, responding to @acoyne.]

Wednesday 12:52 · @acoyne Yep. Lots of neologisms offend me. The English language is a living thing and doesn’t care much what I think. [Original, responding to @acoyne.]

Wednesday 12:53 · @acoyne French has a common reference point, set by the Académie française. I don’t think English suffers from the absence of such a thing. [Original, responding to @acoyne.]

Wednesday 12:54 · I am frankly astounded that the OED’s (really quiet rigorous) principles for documenting new usages are remotely controversial. [Original.]

Wednesday 12:55 · English may be defined as the language which English-speaking people speak, as documented in what hey publish. [Original.]

Wednesday 12:56 · @acoyne Not sure that the word “dictionary” has just one meaning. We can agree what a *descriptive* dictionary is. [Original, responding to @acoyne.]

Wednesday 16:38 · @lloydhilaiel Excellent! [Original, responding to @lloydhilaiel.]

Wednesday 17:24 · @cmaj10 It’s not exactly new. [Original, responding to @cmaj10.]

Wednesday 17:25 · Just made a patch to the Persona docs. Guess I can write about it now. [Original.]

Wednesday 17:33 · @acoyne @cmaj10 @RichardLBennett Suppose Elmore Leonard used “should of” in crime-novel dialogue. Is the usage part of English? [Original, responding to @acoyne.]

Wednesday 17:40 · @acoyne @cmaj10 @RichardLBennett I think the job of a dictionary is to describe English, good & bad. OK to label as “bad”. Not OK to omit. [Original, responding to @acoyne.]

Wednesday 18:18 · @RichardLBennett @acoyne @cmaj10 lmgtfy.com/?q=neologism [Original, responding to @RichardLBennett.]

Thursday 01:26 · Sad that I can’t go to Oxford for the XML Summer School: xmlsummerschool.comhttp/xmlsummerschool.com/ [Original.]

Thursday 08:13 · @lloydhilaiel scope="openid email" I think? [Original, responding to @lloydhilaiel.]

Thursday 08:16 · Just put in my first RubyConf submission in ages. I’ve sure missed going. [Original.]

Thursday 08:26 · Top 5 liveable cities per The Economist: Melbourne, Vienna, Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary/Adelaide (tie): www.economist.com/blogs/graphicdetail/2013/08/daily-chart-19 [Original.]

Thursday 08:30 · @snoopdave Taking time between jobs: Excellent idea. Will be watching... [Original, responding to @snoopdave.]

Thursday 08:39 · @lloydhilaiel We’re actually working on refining the msgs. Urgh… can’t fit explanation of “know who you are” into this tweet, stand by [Original, responding to @lloydhilaiel.]

Thursday 08:45 · @lloydhilaiel scope "openid" yields id# which can in principle be used to find "public profile" - must disclose that [Original, responding to @lloydhilaiel.]

Thursday 08:46 · @avibryant No, they do not consider affordability. Nor cosmopolitanism. Nor weather. Basically safety/peace trump everything. [Original, responding to @avibryant.]

Thursday 11:22 · Federation Conversation: Questions about Mozilla Persona: [Original.]

Thursday 11:36 · My blog pieces are too long. [Original.]

Thursday 11:52 · @sogrady I assume you mean “does not correlate *negatively*”? [Original, responding to @sogrady.]

Thursday 12:50 · RT @digitalmechanic: @timbray #TL;DR [Original.]

Thursday 19:46 · Snickery subreddit of the day: #ancientworldproblems www.reddit.com/r/ancientworldproblems/ [Original.]

Thursday 22:48 · Hating my brand-new RX100 II. But maybe it’s defective: [Original.]

Friday 00:25 · @gklyne Oops, it erroneously decided you were a spammer, retreated behind a cloud of fake error messages [Original, responding to @gklyne.]

Friday 00:25 · @gklyne Fortunately its memory is only 15 minutes long [Original, responding to @gklyne.]

Friday 08:22 · RT @futureidentity: I don't quite understand how Home Office can tell that #Miranda had "58,000 highly classified documents" if the files a… [Original.]

Friday 08:28 · I’ll be hanging with the RedHat-ers at 9AM, hangout/irc thingie: [Original.]

Friday 23:26 · In which I flame Tor (the publisher of inter alia @cstross, not the private-Internet-protocol): [Original.]

Saturday 08:31 · Doc Searls Weblog · Thoughts on privacy - blogs.law.harvard.edu/doc/2013/08/31/thoughts-on-privacy/ [Original.]

Saturday 11:21 · @AllysonMcGrane Bring bathing suits! [Original, responding to @AllysonMcGrane.]

Saturday 12:09 · @AllysonMcGrane @laurendw awww... Ping when sched clarifies [Original, responding to @AllysonMcGrane.]

Saturday 12:38 · @AllysonMcGrane @laurendw BTW lots a good food in Horseshoe Bay [Original, responding to @AllysonMcGrane.]

Saturday 19:25 · @KariSperring @andrewducker Oops, sorry... bought it because of the nice write-up on the Tor site. [Original, responding to @KariSperring.]

Sunday 10:03 · Cottage Life: In which I save $259,404.01 while setting up a music system: [Original.]

Sunday 18:20 · @mweisman I bought that amp from Amazon in Canada. DId you check the .ca? [Original, responding to @mweisman.]

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