I went for a couple days for the OED Symposium (about which I have a huge ongoing splodge in progress) and of course took a camera.

When it gets warm, windows have to be held open, with whatever is to hand.

Boot holds window open in Oxford

Well, maybe not; look close and you can see the boot is chained in place; so I guess it’s ironic and postmodern and so on. Appropriate in an academic town.

The black taxis aren’t a London thing, they’re a Britain thing. But I love the way they look.

Black taxis in Oxford

Loading out after the Gloucester Green market; looks like these dudes did a good day’s business.

Gloucester Green market in Oxford

At the Museum · The Ashmolean, I mean; what a nice place. Here are a few things I snapped while attending the Symposium dinner there.

This is from somewhere in the 1-100CE range, and depicts, well, someone who could afford to have a portrait bust made. This guy might have met a Cæsar or maybe Jesus.

Romain portrait bust, First Century

This is a Cycladic figurine, at least four thousand years old; but it has a modern feel somehow, ne’est-ce-pas?

Cycladic figure at the Ashmolean in Oxford

We only had time to see a few of the offerings. Recommended!


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From: J (Aug 09 2013, at 10:27)

Hardly anywhere has black cabs outside London. Most places have regular cars, no particular colour, with a taxi sign on top, and good luck finding one if you don't have a phone number.

If (when) you're in Oxford again, you could try the Pitt Rivers museum, the maddest museum I've ever been in.



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