It’s a wonderful time in the camera biz, with new device flavors grabbing market share all over the place. I’ve made my bet on the Fujifilm X series, so let’s start with a 2-parter over at The Online Photographer, Fuji X-E1: The Keeper (Part I) and Part II. There’s not that much new information here, but it’s fun piece to read.

For something completely different, check out this early DPReview look at the Galaxy NX, Samsung’s big serious camera that’s also an Android Jellybean device. I’m sure there’s photographic gold in them thar hills somewhere. At the moment I have no urge to abandon Fuji’s diminutive form factor and fabulous Fujinon lenses, but if I get an idea for an Android app that uses the camera hardware, that could change fast.

And for something completely different again, there’s this really rather amusing Ricoh GR comparative review (also in DPReview); comparative in the sense that the Ricoh faces off against the Nikon Coolpix A.

I’m not a customer for the GR because, as I’ve written here before, I think a pocket camera should be primarily a good zoom lens with a camera on the back (and your bigger camera should mostly wear opinionated prime lenses). But still, there are lots of smart words in this comparo on the directions that cameras are moving.

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