My Hawaii Problem is solved, or anyhow I’m out of Big-Island pictures I feel compelled to share. These last two have absolutely nothing specific to the geography.

This appeared by the pool at our resort in Keahou. What you can’t see is the banner; it featured the triskelion which thought was for the Isle of Man; but it turned out to be the Flag of Sicily.

Setup for a Sicilian celebration

And sure enough, a bunch of Sicilians showed up to eat and drink by the pool by the ocean. Someone played guitar and they sang rousing Sicilian songs. It was an afternoon thing, over by suppertime. Don’t know if they were Big-Island or vacationing Sicilians.

Now here’s something completely different; at a random beach on the West coast of the Big Island. I don’t know why they were sharing the sarong.

Two women share a sarong

That’s it for Hawaii, already feels a long time ago, except for the lava walk; that memory will remain intense as long as my memory circuits work, I think.

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April 22, 2013
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