Week ending Sunday 2013/04/21

Monday 07:53 · @alancfrancis You left out the Pope. Hilarious. [Original, responding to @alancfrancis.]

Monday 09:38 · HTTP status 451 proposal (datatracker.ietf.org/doc/draft-tbray-http-legally-restricted-status/?include_text=1) hasn’t made IETF progress, but is being used by Mozilla: [Original.]

Monday 11:22 · World’s highest-rated airports. It’s a big survey but still, having Heathrow there seems wrong: www.worldairportawards.com/Awards_2013/top100.htm [Original.]

Monday 13:04 · Tried a TV stream to check on Boston. Vapid airheads. The Net is way better. (Really hoping just a gas leak or something) [Original.]

Monday 13:50 · Google’s put up a Person Finder for Boston: google.org/personfinder/2013-boston-explosions [Original.]

Monday 19:47 · The Glass API documentation ships: [Original.]

Monday 22:31 · More Hawaii overphotosharing. Instead of little lava close-ups, huge lava mountains with stories to tell: [Original.]

Monday 22:43 · My daughter’s first-grade class learns Canada’s provinces by singing them. Warning: Cute overload! [Original.]

Tuesday 09:25 · Just for relief; a *happy* Boston-Marathon photo set: www.flickr.com/photos/23028562@N04/sets/72157633256477901/ [Original.]

Tuesday 10:58 · Hah! Influential pro-austerity economic paper based on fumblefingered Excel spreadsheeting, is in fact simply wrong: www.slate.com/blogs/moneybox/2013/04/16/reinhart_rogoff_coding_error_austerity_policies_founded_on_bad_coding.html [Original.]

Tuesday 11:09 · @kentindell Hm, you’re right; well put. [Original, responding to @kentindell.]

Tuesday 13:20 · @david_megginson I suspect you perhaps don’t pay close attention to the evangelists of austerity. It’s very heavily cited. [Original, responding to @david_megginson.]

Tuesday 22:14 · The Oakland A’s are a great-looking baseball team. [Original.]

Tuesday 23:13 · We rework our mythologies in decades not generations, and for profit: [Original.]

Wednesday 07:15 · Why I’d like to measure pain: (with thanks to @hobo_suit) [Original.]

Wednesday 07:20 · @curriculumstace Wrong Tim Bray here [Original, responding to @curriculumstace.]

Wednesday 08:59 · @tenderlove Coming next: Bicode ftw [Original, responding to @tenderlove.]

Thursday 08:17 · Heavy travelers take note - “Flight Search Engines And The Multi-City Ripoff”: www.techdirt.com/articles/20130329/02525322508/flight-search-engines-multi-city-ripoff.shtml [Original.]

Thursday 08:22 · Clearly I need to follow some people with better musical tastes. [Original.]

Thursday 10:19 · @veganstraightedge Trip-hop lives! [Original, responding to @veganstraightedge.]

Thursday 10:40 · TIL about the #falseflag tag, a convenient tool which gullible frightened idiots use to self-identify. [Original.]

Thursday 11:58 · RT @GreatDismal: YVR >YYZ [Original.]

Thursday 14:17 · How Large Will the Paid Feed Reader Market Be? www.rumproarious.com/2013/04/18/how-large-will-the-payed-feed-reader-market-be/ [Original.]

Thursday 18:29 · Awww... old-school page, found when lost on an insurance company site. “Netscape Now!” “800x600!” #technostalgia [Original.]

Thursday 22:07 · The second-last Big-Island-Pictures outburst. Really a lot of shades of green: [Original.]

Thursday 22:59 · @sethmnookin What’s your location? Whole world is listening to scanner & zooming Gmaps round Watertown [Original, responding to @sethmnookin.]

Friday 08:48 · I spend a substantial portion of my life in Hangouts. TIL… they have keyboard shortcuts! support.google.com/plus/answer/2752487 [Original.]

Friday 09:20 · Boston news fail; How it was that at 3AM, I knew more than the pros: [Original.]

Friday 09:30 · @laurenweinstein So, they should do both. [Original, responding to @laurenweinstein.]

Friday 09:42 · Hey @nelson, WRT your comment, I disagree. It was obvious the story about Sunil was flimsy, no primary evidence offered by anyone. [Original.]

Friday 11:33 · I want a REPL for the whole Web, all at once: back-end/js/css/html. I was doing batch-mode electronic publishing in 1987. [Original.]

Friday 11:42 · @billmon1 Totally some of the best political writing of that era. Belated thanks. [Original, responding to @billmon1.]

Friday 12:13 · RT @ryangadams: New phone background courtesy of @timbray and his Google+ galleries. [Nifty! Hadn’t used that one] [Original.]

Friday 13:34 · Put an Arduino & a camera in a box and drop it the post: www.rubenvandervleuten.com/AtoB.html [Original.]

Saturday 13:00 · Getting 2 spam robocalls a week from area code 202: “You have been selected to win a free Cruise vacation”. Anyone else? #idiots [Original.]

Saturday 13:35 · @ftrain I thought XML was over…. [Original, responding to @ftrain.]

Saturday 17:04 · Mind boggling a little at Msft sponsoring @gruber and getting @brentsimmons to demo. It’s a good thing, I suppose. [Original.]

Saturday 17:05 · Maybe it’s because of the 4/20 celebration downtown, but my neighborhood seems unusually busy & cheerful today. [Original.]

Saturday 17:30 · @timburks @brentsimmons @gruber I suppose if you wanna be a cloud player you can’t ignore iOS [Original, responding to @timburks.]

Saturday 17:31 · @brixen Well yeah, but it happens; thus debt. [Original, responding to @brixen.]

Sunday 17:41 · Advanced #Ingress - likely my last piece on the game: [Original.]

Sunday 22:54 · @vambenepe It's OK, nobody reads to the end of long pieces [Original, responding to @vambenepe.]

Sunday 23:08 · Statistically speaking we’re all nobodies [Original.]

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