The Hawaii Problem is when you come back from there with an irresistible urge to show off your pictures. Today, some lonely palm trees.

Highway 130 heads south and west across the bottom right corner of the Big Island, then along the south coast. Chain of Craters Road heads down from Volcano National Park to the south coast and eventually meets 130. Except for starting in 1986, the lava flowed down the mountain and broke the link.

The eastern end of the breakage is where you park your car and start hiking if you want to poke a stick into live flowing lava. From the Western edge of breakage, you can see this.

South coast of the Big Island of Hawaii

It’s pretty well a lava wasteland all the way across; but in that picture you can see a little grove of palms, all by itself, right up against the edge of the cliff. It was off the normal walking route, but it called out to me and we paid it a visit.

Lonely palm trees in the lava

It’s amazing that it survived; the lava flows surround it and some went right through the middle, somehow managing to miss most of the trees.

It’s an eerie place, not like anywhere else I’ve been in the whole world. Once we were there I didn’t want to leave, but the family had lunch in mind, so we did.

I was pretty pleased with the little Fuji X-E1’s handling of all the textures these scenes.

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