Week ending Sunday 2013/04/07

Monday 08:42 · Liking the look of shweeb.com/ [Original.]

Monday 13:27 · Interesting Japanese input method, check out the video: www.google.co.jp/ime/patapata/ [Original.]

Monday 22:27 · Copying many GB of pictures across the room from one computer to the other… seems I should be able to see them in the air somehow. [Original.]

Monday 22:43 · I’m updating the firmware on a 35mm prime lens. The notion seems distinctly odd. [Original.]

Monday 22:50 · Lens looks about the same. Wonder if I did it wrong... [Original.]

Monday 22:52 · I wonder if the lens can get email? [Original.]

Monday 23:04 · RT @sayrer: letting useless intermediate derp vals in Scala through review because longCamelCaseNames [Original.]

Monday 23:13 · @DeirdreS mmm yes [Original, responding to @DeirdreS.]

Tuesday 08:57 · @davidascher Oaxaca has been on my bucket list for decades, but have never quite managed the trip. Sigh [Original, responding to @davidascher.]

Tuesday 11:21 · Hey Vancouver tech folk, met a fresh SFU grad with a pretty impressive resume; worth a close look if you’re hiring: hollybecker.net/resume.pdf [Original.]

Tuesday 11:27 · Hey @duncan, lost my Luma Loop in Hawaii *sob*. What do you recommend these days for a replacement? [Original, responding to @duncan.]

Tuesday 11:50 · @duncan Cinch actually looks pretty good, only gripe with the Loop was camera swung around too much. [Original, responding to @duncan.]

Tuesday 11:53 · @duncan Hm, so maybe not quite the thing for the X-E1. [Original, responding to @duncan.]

Tuesday 21:23 · Shorter Morozov: If you’re not a follower of Richard Stallman, you must be a follower of Ayn Rand. www.thebaffler.com/past/the_meme_hustler [Original.]

Tuesday 21:46 · O’Reilly’s response to Morozov, and the ensuing discussion, is really worth reading: [Original.]

Tuesday 21:50 · The Internet deserves better contrarians than it gets. Morozov, Lanier, Keen, blecch. What’s Cliff Stoll up to these days? [Original.]

Tuesday 23:33 · Hem: www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/201x/2013/04/02/Hem [Original.]

Wednesday 12:35 · OSCON Schedule published: www.oscon.com/oscon2013/public/schedule/grid [Original.]

Wednesday 13:10 · Spolsky: Patent trolling is organized crime; be a crime fighter! www.joelonsoftware.com/items/2013/04/02.html [Original.]

Wednesday 14:55 · @psd Hm? Can you expand on that? [Original, responding to @psd.]

Wednesday 14:57 · @jeresig … and they *all* run jquery just great OF COURSE [Original, responding to @jeresig.]

Wednesday 14:59 · @jcoglan Actually many squirrels, working concurrently. [Original, responding to @jcoglan.]

Wednesday 15:41 · @psd /me looks blank. Suspect you should write on this, it’s an important area. [Original, responding to @psd.]

Thursday 00:22 · The best way to address the deep inadequacy of George Lucas’ directorial vision: Sixfold multiplication! t.co/4id8vUNTiW! [Original.]

Thursday 00:25 · @mezzoblue When is the housewarming? [Original, responding to @mezzoblue.]

Thursday 01:03 · @juliaferraioli Got Proust? [Original, responding to @juliaferraioli.]

Thursday 12:00 · RT @elysdir: Jo Walton sonnet: "On the impending death of Iain Banks". papersky.livejournal.com/571284.html [Original.]

Thursday 13:57 · Nobody’s gonna comment on this, but you can bet everyone’s watching: www.bloomberg.com/news/2013-04-04/google-fights-u-s-national-security-probe-data-demand.html [Original.]

Thursday 15:00 · Feeling guilty; pushed pedestrian button & then saw no cars, crossed. Now some driver will be stopped for invisible pedestrian. [Original.]

Thursday 15:56 · Long very geeky write-up on “ID Tokens”, what they are, and why I think they’re important: [Original.]

Thursday 16:14 · @beuchelt IANAL. Having said that, always use TLS. [Original, responding to @beuchelt.]

Thursday 16:44 · @beuchelt @futureidentity @mdennedy Not that I know of. Since I think it’ll be popular, someone should dig into this. [Original, responding to @beuchelt.]

Thursday 17:39 · @jbqueru What’s girlfriend pasta? [Original, responding to @jbqueru.]

Thursday 19:40 · @beuchelt @_nat_en @futureidentity @mdennedy Someone at Google would probably want to be in any such conversation. [Original, responding to @beuchelt.]

Friday 17:39 · The fake-Twitter-account market: bits.blogs.nytimes.com/2013/04/05/fake-twitter-followers-becomes-multimillion-dollar-business/ What a world we live in. [Original.]

Friday 17:43 · A quote about me is re-used heavily by a fake-T-account service; So I get to see the state of the art. More convincing all the time. [Original.]

Friday 17:43 · Could easily write an app to unmask purchasers of fake followers. Am tempted. [Original.]

Friday 17:46 · Acronym: HFF = “Has Fake Followers” [Original.]

Friday 17:47 · For example, @JEShowTweets HFF [Original, responding to @JEShowTweets.]

Friday 17:50 · Also, @chaddukes and @kofromthepilla and @ASEAN_Insider and @antsimpson HFF [Original, responding to @kofromthepilla.]

Friday 17:57 · Also, for example, @HuntingtonvocDi seems to be synthetic. For amusement, see who it’s following: [Original.]

Friday 18:51 · @neojaponisme Now that is deeply, deeply strange. [Original, responding to @neojaponisme.]

Friday 18:56 · @drwhitt ? [Original, responding to @drwhitt.]

Friday 18:56 · @alexcruise They’re pretty generic, I gotta say. [Original, responding to @alexcruise.]

Friday 19:02 · @drwhitt Ah, ok, I think everyone’s does. But some people are paying for them. [Original, responding to @drwhitt.]

Friday 19:43 · @jyhsu Awwwwwwww, grats! For reference: www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/200x/2006/06/11/Now-We-Are-Four [Original, responding to @jyhsu.]

Saturday 00:13 · Another fake account: @MarylouiseBenja, and those it follows: [Original.]

Saturday 11:18 · Lazy Saturday morning: Adding photos from recent travels to Wikipedia. Very satisfying. [Original.]

Saturday 11:22 · @brennen Never seen that. Not an expert Wikipedian, though. [Original, responding to @brennen.]

Saturday 11:31 · Portrait of a harmless low-pressure hobby that makes you feel good: en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Special:Contributions/TimBray&offset=&limit=500&target=TimBray [Original.]

Saturday 14:53 · Identity lessons following on the loss of a credit card: www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/201x/2013/04/06/CC-Update-Degree-of-Difficulty [Original.]

Saturday 17:02 · @IAmAru 1Password. But there are several good options. [Original, responding to @IAmAru.]

Saturday 17:49 · A Substantial Amount of Jest #smallernovels [Original.]

Saturday 17:50 · The Pretty Good Gatsby #smallernovels [Original.]

Saturday 17:51 · The Handmaid’s Anecdote #smallernovels [Original.]

Saturday 17:51 · One Lunch Hour In The Life of Ivan Denisovich #smallernovels [Original.]

Saturday 17:53 · Mouldy Dick #smallernovels [Original.]

Saturday 17:56 · @EdjoSadowski Yeah, me too, had to do it 6 weeks ago after a visit to the wrong part of LA. Feaugh. [Original, responding to @EdjoSadowski.]

Saturday 18:26 · @donpark Appropriate response to NK at this point is snickering, right? [Original, responding to @donpark.]

Saturday 19:05 · @codeslack very good [Original, responding to @codeslack.]

Saturday 20:22 · @AllysonMcGrane I’m pretty old and I think the challenges are delightful. [Original, responding to @AllysonMcGrane.]

Saturday 21:51 · @BR3NDA really? Depressing. Depends who “you” are of course. [Original, responding to @BR3NDA.]

Saturday 22:15 · @laurenweinstein Not really. The category “People with power who massively fail to understand the Net” is shrinking into irrelevance. [Original, responding to @laurenweinstein.]

Saturday 23:11 · @laurenweinstein What I’m saying is, those French securocrats were *fools*. It’s not fools we need to worry about. [Original, responding to @laurenweinstein.]

Sunday 10:30 · An inimitable AnandTech review of the HTC One: www.anandtech.com/show/6747/htc-one-review [Original.]

Sunday 10:36 · An outstanding Philippic against software patents by someone in a position to know: [Original.]

Sunday 12:33 · Comparison of instant messaging clients - sort of mind-boggling: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_instant_messaging_clients [Original.]

Sunday 13:32 · @Kauweloa So, fix it. [Original, responding to @Kauweloa.]

Sunday 15:56 · Curling makes surprisingly good TV, and if you’ve never watched, now would be a good time to start. Sweden vs Canada for the gold. [Original.]

Sunday 16:03 · @crazybob Graham Greene's The Comedians placed in a similar time but in Haiti, is very atmospheric. [Original, responding to @crazybob.]

Sunday 17:14 · Last week I decided to buy some Bitcoins. But it seems to be bureaucratic, slow, and difficult, didn’t manage to get any. [Original.]

Sunday 21:39 · @lukec Appropriate to mention on vhs-general? [Original, responding to @lukec.]

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