I’m a color guy; but some pictures cry out for B&W. These are both from Kitanomaru Park, which I recommend to anyone for a walk, whatever the weather. There are museums about, and the Budokan; if that name rings a bell in your head this is probably why. Also it’s just a nice garden; the botanically-inclined will appreciate the careful labeling.

(This is another in a series provoked by a Tokyo visit with a new camera; for more on that see Fujifilm X-E1.)

This first picture in among the trees at the center of this map, and while it’s not quite as magical as the picture looks, it’s a pretty nice bit of greenery, a rare thing in the heart of Tokyo.

Stairs in Kitanomaru Park, Tokyo

I have to say the color version was pretty nice too; but this wins. Yes, it’s somewhat overprocessed; in particular, the ghostly effect is the awesome power of negative Lightroom clarity. But this sort of trickery won’t come off unless you have a high-quality, data-dense file coming out of your camera. More testimony to the X-E1’s excellent handling of complexity.

This is just a shadow on some gravel. I felt bad because none of the worth-keeping Tokyo pictures were of trees. That’s partly because they’re not one of the city’s strong points; but at least I have evidence that they exist.

Treeshadow on gravel in Kitanomaru park

Frankly, this doesn’t belong in a camera review; it could probably have been captured nearly as well on a cellphone.


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From: BWJones (Mar 10 2013, at 17:57)

Love these B&W images Tim.


From: Bradley (Mar 12 2013, at 09:32)

I'm really taken by the first.


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