Week ending Sunday 2013/02/10

Monday 00:16 · @marioboehmer Who's Judd Apatow? [Original, responding to @marioboehmer.]

Monday 01:18 · @carlmalamud Yes, but it declines to lie when commanded to do so. Arguably a good thing when not seeking concealment. [Original, responding to @carlmalamud.]

Monday 10:20 · “Conversations have aims… when a conversation is open to the entire world, those aims should be explicitly stated” www.hyperorg.com/blogger/2013/02/04/2b2k-are-all-good-conversations-echo-chambers/ [Original.]

Monday 10:25 · Awww, they gave the Canadian penny a Doodle: [Original.]

Monday 18:43 · Image editing options for people who live in the browser: [Original.]

Wednesday 15:51 · Hey @gruber, in G+, _really_ is italic, *really* is boldface. Historically *really* is a less-loud shout than REALLY or *REALLY*. Hmm [Original.]

Wednesday 18:07 · Pretty good Internet radio station, on all the tuners: Dub Xtra [Original.]

Wednesday 19:30 · Was having a discussion about the WA state cannabis law’s effect on the BC economy, and ran across www.bcbudmail.biz/BCBM/BCBudMail #warondrugsissoover [Original.]

Wednesday 22:28 · Middle-distance Man #LesserFilms [Original.]

Wednesday 22:30 · The Second-last Polka #LesserFilms [Original.]

Wednesday 22:30 · Accountant Zhivago #LesserFilms [Original.]

Wednesday 22:33 · The Sophmore #LesserFilms [Original.]

Wednesday 22:33 · The Year of Playing It Safe #LesserFilms [Original.]

Wednesday 22:35 · 8.02731 #LesserFilms [Original.]

Wednesday 22:36 · For a Fistful of Yen #LesserFilms [Original.]

Wednesday 22:37 · The Seven Community Organizers #LesserFilms [Original.]

Wednesday 22:37 · To Live and Die in Kalamazoo #LesserFilms [Original.]

Wednesday 22:39 · Willy Wonka & the Margarine Factory #LesserFilms [Original.]

Wednesday 22:40 · The Not-really-feeling-that-great Fields #LesserFilms [Original.]

Wednesday 22:41 · The Tricycle Thief #LesserFilms [Original.]

Wednesday 22:43 · The Devil Wears Tommy Hilfiger #LesserFilms [Original.]

Wednesday 22:44 · Scrapbooking, Lies, and Videotape #LesserFilms [Original.]

Wednesday 22:55 · The Easy-listening Brothers #LesserFilms [Original.]

Wednesday 22:56 · Ghosttrusters #LesserFilms [Original.]

Thursday 11:06 · Decent Economist coverage of the Identity landscape: www.economist.com/news/leaders/21571447-businesses-not-just-governments-have-role-play-helping-web-users-prove-their & www.economist.com/news/international/21571418-which-firms-will-profit-proving-your-identity-online-voucher-business [Original.]

Thursday 12:47 · @futureidentity @iglazer I’m not following your argument, so maybe publish it in a longer form & post a link? [Original, responding to @futureidentity.]

Thursday 13:03 · Birthdays this month: XML’s 15th and my blog’s 10th. [Original.]

Thursday 13:06 · Amusing: @MainStPoodle (You sort of have to hang in central Vancouver to get it) [Original, responding to @MainStPoodle.]

Thursday 13:08 · Sort of mean-spirited, I grant you. But funny: @TEDcouver [Original, responding to @TEDcouver.]

Thursday 17:13 · Irritating: I try to look at a weather-forecast page for a place I’m going; page fills with Facebook puke. [Original.]

Friday 08:46 · @middleofanegg Go ahead, punch her. [Original, responding to @middleofanegg.]

Friday 08:49 · More Ingress reportage: [Original.]

Friday 10:36 · @jayvidyarthi Looks cool; you have a chamber in operation? [Original, responding to @jayvidyarthi.]

Friday 11:03 · RT @avibryant: If I didn't wait until the hour before my talk to prepare slides, how would I incorporate what I learned from the talks b ... [Original.]

Friday 13:35 · RT @1Password: We decreased our price. You can increase your security. 1Password is 50% OFF: itunes.apple.com/app/1password/id443987910?mt=12 Git ‘er done. [Original.]

Saturday 13:38 · @mattyglesias there are strong cultural factors; J women essentially boycotting marriage because it's a lousy deal for women there [Original, responding to @mattyglesias.]

Sunday 01:08 · @colbycosh getting a 404 not found, either the URL is busted or macleans exhibiting latency [Original, responding to @colbycosh.]

Sunday 07:42 · Hey #xmlprague, sorry I couldn't make it into the hangout. Best wishes from the Pacific time zone. [Original.]

Sunday 08:30 · Happy 15th birthday, XML: www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/201x/2013/02/10/XML-at-15 [Original.]

Sunday 10:10 · RT @timoreilly: RT @mearabai: Hayao Miyazaki making ramen for his animators on deadline for Spirited Away: https://t.co/rJjHQo79 #recipe ... [Original.]

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