There’s this notion of a “Google+ Event”, which combines G+, YouTube, and Moderator; it’s trying to be a new way to do an online conversation. Some of the outreach people at Google (i.e. in jobs like mine) are going on the road a lot less and Eventing a lot more, these days. So I’m going to try it tomorrow (Thursday): Life, Identity, and Everything.

The idea is, I and Breno (an Identity tech lead here) will talk a little bit about what we’re up to (OAuth, OpenID, AccountChooser, bearer tokens for n00bs, and so on), and I mean a little bit; single-digit minutes. Then we shut up and people can join the Hangout or start conversations in the Moderator. It’s all over in half an hour. We’re supposed to be entertaining. I’ll wear my favorite T-shirt. I have no idea what I’m getting into.


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From: Paul Morriss (Dec 07 2012, at 01:01)

I think this is great. I missed it, but I'm now watching on YouTube. Are you tracking Moonshot from JANet? It looks like being good for making logging in simpler across a range of technologies. They plan to support OpenID connect, so opening up another range of possibilities for bringing your favourite identity to the service you need.


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